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Some of the projects I've worked on:
Real-time, multi-threaded, C programs. Test an debug real-time applications running on embedded operating system.
Solid State Disk. Floppy disk controller. Bank-switched memory circuit.
Clinical devices, such as Neonatal Ventilator (control hardware & software), Neonatal Incubator Transport and Infusion Pump.
POS terminal for authorize credit card over Internet.
GUI interface using in a gas meter for car control.
Industrial scale. Write algorithms for filtering input signals and protocols to connect the scale to a PC.
Networked control access system both software and hardware.
Multi-Function Energy Meters.
Software for monitoring a GPS Trunking System. Control a cellular phone based on reverse engineering techniques.
Alphanumeric printer controller.
Automated system for a distributed measurement and control system.
Hardware and firmware for device, which communicate RS485 over twister pair, while executing a finite state machine and synchronizing to a large network.

Design and implement ISP Networks, Layer 2 and 3, internal routing and external multihoming  routing. VLAN, VPN, Tunnels and Firewalling.

Especialidades: Technical Skills:
Cisco Switching and Routing (C3500, C2960, C2811, C3600, C7200, etc) Switching-Routing-Troubleshooting.
CCNA and CCNP Tracks
UNIX/Linux, MS Windows, QNX, VRTX, FreeRTOS, Intel, Freescale, Microchip, ARM, TI, Embedded C and Assemblers, C/C++, Java, Python.
Electronics Designs Tools like OrCad, Protel, etc.
Microcontroller, microprocessor design interface hardware.
Device communications (protocols design, telemetry, packet).
Digital circuit design and interface. Board level circuit design.
Communication protocols: X25, AX25, TCP/IP(some parts of stack).
Historia laboral
* FLOSSAT (Consumer Electronics)

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