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At the same time that I am writing this e-mail. I would like to say  it is a honour to say hello. My name is Consuelo Gálvez. I am 35 years old. In this moment I am in the final period of my career at the university:  " A Bachelor in English Language, it has a double degree in Education in English",  too!..

  Always, I have been working with the aim to study, for that reason, I have experience in different fields.  From January 2016 until now, I am finishing a project called: EXPOMIN 2016,  this is a Mining fair. There I was the Assistant of management in the International Area.

Humbly,  when you contact me. in an  Email I attached for you my resume plus a couple of courses and qualifiers  that  I have done.  Always with the objective to improve my knowledge and skills:
Can I work with you  in your company as a Freelance writer or  a Translation  from English Language to Spanish Language too!!.
The best wishes,
Consuelo Gálvez
Mobile Phone: +56 -09- 520 20 328
Historia laboral
_ Clases de inglés desde NT1 hasta 4to medio:
Colegios, particulares, particulares subvencionados y privados.

_ Clases  en  Universidad (Ayudantías cátedras:
1.- Diseño de Proyectos y  2.-  Evaluación de proyectos
(diversos perfiles, jornadas:  Diurno y  Vespertino.)

_Asistente Gerencia Área internacional EXPOMIN 2016

_Traducciones Freelance para laboratorios, textos de contabilidad, textos de ingeniería,  documentos para minería, particulares, otros

Coordinadora Proyecto  de autoría propia de desarrollo regional para Chile.

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