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Ederson A.

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Soporte Administrativo

Habilidades (Máximo: 5)
Sobre mí
10+ years working with IT, last 6 years studying and using Open Source solutions
Proactivity, team-work, knowledge sharing, creativity, communication

Programming Languages:
Basic Java, HTML and PHP
Intermediate Shell

Data Base:

Confortable working on Windows, MacOSX and Unix Machines
Debian and CentOS server system
Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Fedora client system
MS Server 2003 and 2008 intermediate user
MS versions until 8 Advanced user

Implemented Solutions:
Domain Network with 2003 or 2008 microsoft server
Gateway with Debian or CentOS
DVR server with Zoneminder on Debian or CentOS
Firewall with Shorewall on CentOS
Squid on CentOS
File server with Samba on Debian or CentOS
Virtualization server with Xen
Backup and recovery with Clonezilla
VOIP with PIAF on CentOS
Historia laboral
Owner                                        Current Position
E D Almeida Consultoria em TI, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina
Business consulting. Projecting and implement IT solutions on Unix systems with CentOS or Debian. Firewall with SHOREWALL systems. VOIP with PIAF. Virtualization with XEN. Proxy with SQUID. DVR with ZONEMINDER. File server with SAMBA. File server and Domain Controller on MS Server 2008.

IT Technician                                    Current Position
IFSC, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina
Support IT manager. Helping users with problems. Gateway, Proxy with SQUID, Firewall with SHOREWALL and File server with SAMBA on CentOS. System Backup and Recovery with CLONEZILLA. DVR server with ZONEMINDER on CentOS.

Programmer trainee                                    2010 – 2010
CITEB, Biguaçu, Santa Catarina
Shell programming for a project called ChesX. ChesX is a linux distribution based on DEBIAN. This project are maintained by INTELBRAS, who sell computers with this distro.

Junior Network Administrator                            2009 – 2009
Datainfo, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina
Helping users with problems. Manage networks(wan and lan), Linux gateway(dhcp and firewall), web and file server on MS 2008 server.

IT Support                                        2008 – 2009
SENAI, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina
Helping users with problems remotely and locally. Fixing computers with hardware or software problems.

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