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eNest Technology is a leading web-based solutions provider that is expert in .Net / iOS / Android platforms. eNest Technology takes pride in its committed, competent and certified IT experts with comprehensive experience in diversified domains. They are your team in India that can bring value to any business in the globe. The eNest workforce believes that above all else, honest service is imperative to the success of any service provider-client relationship.

Technical Skills :-
* Programming:- C#.Net, ASP.Net, MVC3, MVC4, AJAX, LINQ, WCF, Web Services, SQL Reporting, Entity Framework, Code First.
* Database:- MS SQL2005, MS SQL 2008, MS SQL 2008R2, MS SQL 2012, SQL Server Compact, My SQL, Azure, StoredProcedure, Function, Trigger, Cursor, Bulk insertion.
* Web Technologies:- HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Kendo UI, Bootstrap, Json.
* Application Tools:- Auto Mapper, Nuget,  AJAX Toolkit, WCF, Data & Control Templates, MS Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2012, IIS, iTextSharp.
* Controls:- RAD Control, Telerik Red control, Infragistic, MVC Telerik,.
* ORM TOOLS:- NHibernate.
* Development:- .NET Framework, n-tier, Model View ViewModel (MVVM), MVC, MPV,Design Pattern, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Entity Framework
* API Integration:- Google Map API & Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon Web service, XERO, twilio, ZenDesk,Pintrest, Sendgrid
* jQuery : AngularJS, backboneJS, Kendo UI ( Telerik ), Mobile jQuery,  Knockout, Bootstrap.
* Payment Gateway:- PayPal, Authorize.Net,  worldpay, g2s
* Source Control:- SVN, TFS, Github

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Jagdeep Chawla
Historia laboral
Automation of Disaster Recovery Process
Project description
Designed for cloud environments and storage arrays to enforce recovery policies, and automate end-to-end recovery processes across datacenters and infrastructures.
Technologies Used: EXT.NET, WebAPI, VMware SDKs, Active Directory for LDAP, SQL Server, WIX and Sharpsetup, Quartz.net

Aviation Services
Project description
Application for an international flight planning and flight support services for business aviation. Our solution provide an facilities for a user to access various features involved in flight booking, where the multiple flight scheduling corporation can take benefit to manage there process efficiently.
Technologies Used: ASP.net, JavaScript, JQuery, Knockout, Telerik components, WCF services, REST API’s, SSRS Reporting services, Selenium Entity Framework, Bootstrap, SignalR

Business Analytics Tool
Project description
This is the first business analytics tool that delivers the core functionality of a business impact analysis. Workflow of this tool provides guidance on how to develop a business impact analysis (using a five-phase approach) and is designed to complement existing continuity of operations frameworks
Technologies Used: HTML, JavaScript, Jquery, CSS, AngularJS, C#, WEBAPI, MVC, Microsoft SQL Server

Case Management
Project description
Web application designed to help a law agency manage their client and case details as well as manage their staff’s tasks and assignments.
Technologies Used: WCF C# using Visual Studio 2014, SQL Server 2014, Entity Framework, HTML5, Twitter Boostrap, jquery, Javascript

Charity Race Social Media Tool
Project description
This web application was designed to help individuals running in charity races collaborate with family and friends to raise funds. Runners can organize and promote their races while users looking to donate can search for specific causes to give.
Technologies Used: Asp.Net MVC 4, JavaScript/JQuery, Repository pattern and dependency injection, Entity Framework 5.0, Bing Map API and PayPal Payment Gateway

Data Analytics Tool
Project description
This tool is specifically designed for data analysis and workflow automation in the healthcare industry to predict which people are likely to get sick or sicker in the near term.
Technologies Used: HTML, JavaScript, Jquery, CSS, AngularJS, C#, WEBAPI, MVC, Microsoft SQL Server

Debt Collection Software
Project description
This web application is helps to simply the debt collection process of an debt collection agency by implementing Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”), which prohibits deceptive, unfair, and abusive debt collection practices. This application has the ability to manage various roles of debt collection agencies such as client, forwarding agencies, collector, debtor and account.
Technologies Used: .NET Framework, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap

E-commerce Portal
Project description
An online shopping app that allows users to add orders and submit immediately or save for later, a cart that can house multiple items and continue with the checkout process, and an address book to store billing and shipping addresses to be available at checkout.
Technologies Used: Asp.Net MVC 4, JQM- JQuery Mobile, JavaScript/JQuery, Entity Framework 5.0, Social Plug-in, PayPal Integration, Payflow Integration, AU post Integration, DHL Integration

Foreign Language Vocabulary-Building Tool
Project description
The purpose of this website-based application is to coach users through learning a foreign language through text, audio prompts, and interactive games
Technologies Used: Asp.Net MVC 4, Entity Framework 5.0, SQL Azure, PayPal and Janrain Social Login Plug-in

Online Fundraising Platform
Project description
This is a web based online fundraising platform that helps to raise money by leveraging performance in 3 areas: sports – scholastic – community service. This portal has has performance-driven programs for over 20 sports (ie. football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, tennis, lacrosse, soccer, ice hockey, field hockey, golf, etc).
Technologies Used: ASP.NET 4.5, MVC 5, C#, Async Methods, Azure Blob Storage

Real-Time Device Monitoring System
Project description
This GPS tracking application was developed for businesses to know in real time where their field staff is located. This is multi-tenant multi users web based program designed for the tracking of business assets during their work day. By simply creating an account into the web program, business owner (administrator) can setup their staffs (users) and assets profile into the portal.
Technologies Used: Windows Azure, Web API, Objective C for iOS, C#, Cloud based solution (SAAS), Entity Framework 4

SMS Marketing Platform
Project description
This project is all about reaching customers easily and effectively! This marketing tool sends out SMS and MMS, QR codes, and easily incorporates campaigns onto websites using simple HTML code.
Technologies Used: Microsoft .NET, MS Azure, MS SQL, Aerial Messaging Gateway, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript

Stock Market Trend Software
Project description
This web application helps users to study the trend in stocks using candlestick charts. With the help of the charts the user will be able to perform future predictions based on their estimates.
Technologies Used: ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, MS SQL, Highcharts

Survey Management Tool
Project description
This is online survey management tool where users can create and manage the surveys for their clients. This tool provides various customization options for users while creating the survey such as user can able to create new survey by coping the information form existing available surveys or create new one.
Technologies Used: MVC .NET using Angular.JS, SQL Server and bootstrap

Web-Based Restaurant Application
Project description
This web application allows users to find their favorite restaurant, bar, or coffee shop and place an online order for delivery, carry out, or dine-in. What sets this app apart from others, however, is the group aspect. Users can share their order for friends or relatives to add to it.
Technologies Used: C#/Linq, HTML, MVC4, JQuery, Razor, Azure Blob, Google Map API, Twilio API and PayDollar Payment Gateway

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