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As a multitask labour I underwent several tasks from Head Teacher, going through Personal Assistant in the field of Engineering & Petrol explotation field, up to my personal entrepreneurship working in Technical & Literature Translation.
Since I assumed the responsibilities in/as regards of my first position, I´ve been a highly reliable professional. I have taken many courses up to the day today in order to enhance my expertise and experience and so, to be a competent professional, and so being able to get some of the top positions that the demanding today  Job Market requires from a responsible worker. Besides, my zest for IT, and for gaining a better grasp of the language is fueling my will of improving my experience at a dialy scheme.
Nevertheless, taking courses in a wide range of fields; for instance, in regards of Economics and Administration is my cup of tea; and only in that way I know I am to be able to improve my experience and experitise to, sand so, enhancing my skills as a profesional . In parallel with that, I dare say that, not only, the ever growing zest for learning of English, but also, the fact that the today´s demanding  job/labour market requires, need of a  committed and skilled professionals, so that is why I am training in a almost permanent basis. Besides, and due to fact that, my job requires highly trained applicants, and highly skilled labours, is that I am handy to face the everyday tasks necessary to undergo the job of a Personal Assistant.
Rounding up this letter, I dare say that I am not easily diminish by challenges, on the contrary, they fuel my zest up to go on the right track when I feel the demand of any issue and the promise of the rewarding result, that is the consequence to a job well done.
Historia laboral
* FoxHole Rd English (Translation and Localization): FHRE- Starts giving-offering Conversation Classes via Skype: at all levels
Beginners, Intermediate-Pre-Intermadiate-
Advanced and Bussiness English for individuals or companies: staff,  willing to improve and/or update their knowledge, an issue so important in the today job market, and every day living.

Jorge A. Gomez (FHRE)

* Entrepreneur Idiomas (Translation and Localization) [desde 3/2007]: Translation/Interpreting Specialties: Engineering, Arquitecture, Medicine, Legal, among others

* Weleda SA (Translation and Localization) [desde 2002]

(1993 - 6/1998) Shell; Ingeleco SRL.  Tasks: P.A.,
P.A. Manager, Engineers, Sales Representative;  Translator-Interpreter.
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2013 Action Script 3.0 Test 35% 11% Reprobado

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