Edison P. F.

Mining Project Studies and Economic Evaluation.

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Ingeniería y Arquitectura

Sobre mí
I am a mining and process engineer since 1986. Working in underground and open cut operations. I am specialist in mining economics by Paris School of Mines which field I have developed several jobs in Brazil and abroad.  I have experience in various ores as thermal coal and coking coal, kaolin, iron ore, copper and gold ore, limestone and aggregates. Also I have worked in mineral labs for coal, gold.  One of my bigger jobs was in Africa and Australia to implement the Moatize Mine. I worked since the FEL2 report to the commissioning and startup going through construction. Also I have worked in Australia overseeing the basic and detailed design of Moatize CHPP. Also I worked in Carborough Downs CHPP expansion and commissioning in Northeast Australia, My last big job was the commissioning of a 106 km long railway infrastructure including four tunnels and bridges and all underground and over-surface pluvial waters drainage. The feasibility studies I carried out in Brasil were mostly dedicated to coal mining and some aggregate projects.
Historia laboral
During the late 90´ and until mid 2000´ I developed as a freelancer feasibility studies for coal mines including economic evaluation and environmental constraints mainly in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina in South of Brazil. Also developed other jobs always involving mining and energy (coal).

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