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14 años de experiencia en Desarrollo y Gerencia de Proyectos de Desarrollo de Software para la mediana y gran empresa.
Historia laboral
Jose Tadeo Cote Nunez
Systems Architect at Grupo SMS Data Center
• Senior Software Developer and Project Manager: Analysis, Design and Development using Rational Unified
Process or Ad. Hoc. Methodologies using Object Oriented Languages (JAVA / C#) / Relational
Databases.(ORACLE). (9 years)
• Operations Manager for 2 years for:
- Community Management Services (on ITIL):
- Development of Strategic Communications and Marketing Plans.
- Web/Mobile solutions,Online Marketing Campaigns, Social Apps PM: HTML5, PHP
- SEO, SMO, Web Analytics.
• Telecommunications Consultant: Long Distance Interconnection Wholesale Business. (7 years)
• Testing and Q.A.: Design and deployment of large test sets over software products and processes.
• Distributed Computing: Experience in performance profiling and tuning, load balance and sizing in
heterogeneous environments/layers. Data Migration and Provisioning.
• Portals and Websites: Telecom market Content Management.
• Data Mining – Data Warehousing: Analysis, Design and Development of Data warehouse feeding Dashboards
and Executive level reports.
• O.S.s and Networking: Strong background in the design and deployment of large multi OS computing
Specialties: Social Networks, Advertising,Telecommunications, Information Systems, Software Engineering,
Computer Graphics, Operative Systems.
• Sales: Prospect management.
• Taxes: Tax recollection systems.
• Insurance: Coverage /Risk calculation process.
Systems Architect at Grupo SMS Data Center
June 2013 - Present (1 year)
Senior Software Developer and Project Manager.
Self Employed at Independent IT Contractor
May 2013 - June 2013 (2 months)
Senior Software Developer and Project Manager:
Gerente de Cuentas / Accounts Manager at Profile Social Interactions C.A.
August 2011 - May 2013 (1 year 10 months)
Acting as full Manager for Social Networks, Web and Advertising accounts and projects . Reporting to the
Board of Directors.
1 recommendation available upon request
Gerente de Proyectos at Grupo SMS
February 2011 - October 2011 (9 months)
CARRIERS INTERCONNECT BSS/OSS - Manager for the Oracle System Migrations Team and Oracle
Software Develpment Team at CANTV Telecom Venezuela.
Service and Development Coordinator at Grupo SMS
June 2009 - February 2011 (1 year 9 months)
System Migration Project Leader, Development Team Leader and BSS/OSS Service Coordinator for
Interconnection Billing at CANTV telecom.
Senior Consultant BSS OSS at Carriers Interconnect
April 2005 - December 2009 (4 years 9 months)
Project Manager and QA Consultant working in BSS OSS solutions for International wholesale calls billing
software Carriers-Interconnect.
6 recommendations available upon request
IT Consultant at Grupo SMS
July 2004 -October 2005 (1 year 4 months)
Application Architect for the construction and deployment of Inter-carriers Bussiness Software. IT
2 recommendations available upon request
Senior Programmer at Vedantek
November 2003 - July 2004 (9 months)
C# and ASP.NET Bussiness Logic and Web Developer for the large scaleTax Collection system RISE.
2 recommendations available upon request
Consultant at Integra Consultores
2001- 2003 (2 years)
Freelance developer in TUXEDO, PROC and Java Web applications. Participated in the development of
provisioning systems, PalmOs data syncing, Web App manteinance.
1 recommendation available upon request
Consultant at USB MYS LAB
1998- 2003 (5 years)
Lab PC's mantainance and distributed software installation for academic courses and workshops. Network
Security and User administration. IT training to students and other users of the university network.
Billing and Interconnection BSS/OSS System Migration: Oracle 6 to Oracle 10g
April 2009 to March 2011
Members:Jose Tadeo Cote Nunez, Sherman Cadenas, Wilmaryan Villavicencio, Angelica Rojas, Rodolfo
Rodriguez, Sahar Charara, Maria Benavides, Agnes Metanomski, Omar Flores, Daniel Sanchez, Luis Ordoñez
Leading a team of developers , DBAs and hardware architects and final users on the migration of historical
databases, heterogenous (Pro C & Packages) business logic and frontend technologies to a 10g Oracle OAS
Truncated Education, Computer Science
Universidad SimónBolívar
Operating Systems
MetaSystem based Raytrace Rendering Engine.
Universidad SimónBolívarAugust 12, 2001
Authors:Jose Tadeo Cote Nunez
Using the Suma MetaSystem , as a distributed computing environment, and Java Spaces as persistent
distributed memory, wrote a full Dispatcher of rendering jobs. Taking in account scene load balance,
transaction rollbacks and dinamic node addition to the rendering farm.
Skills & Expertise
Software Development
(Advanced, 5 years experience)
IT Service Management
(Advanced, 4 years experience)
Data Warehousing
(Intermediate, 2 years experience)
(Advanced, 5 years experience)
Object Oriented Design
(Intermediate, 4 years experience)
Oracle Discoverer
Oracle 9i
Microsoft SQL Server
Social Media
Oracle SQL
Oracle Forms
MS Project
Project Management
Design Patterns
Soft Skills
Account Management
Managing Start-ups
Team Management
Software Engineering
Software Project Management
Business Intelligence
Agile Project Management
Agile Methodologies
Quality Assurance
(Professional working proficiency)
(Native or bilingual proficiency)
Universidad Simón Bolívar
Truncated Education, Computer Science, 1995 - 2002
Don Bosco
Bachelor, Science, 1991 - 1995
Jose Tadeo Cote Nunez
Systems Architect at Grupo SMS Data Center
12 people have recommended Jose Tadeo
"Excelente gerencia de proyectos estratégicos"
— Maria Alejandra Briceño, Coordinadora de Contenido, Profile Interacciones Sociales, reported to Jose
Tadeo at Profile Social Interactions C.A.
"Tadeo es un gran profesional, capaz de obtener los mejores resultados trabajando en equipos
multidisciplinarios, con una capacidad de comunicacion interna y externa brillante. En lo personal, es un ser
humano excepcional y sumamente generoso con sus conocimientos. Fue un placer haber trabajado con
— Gabriel Aníbal Panza, Business Specialist, Carriers Interconnect, worked directly with Jose Tadeo at
Carriers Interconnect
"Durante mi etapa mexicana intenté rodearme de buenos profesionales que aportaran a parte de dominio
técnico y conocimiento de negocio, ese saber estar con el cliente y su idiosincrasia propia del lugar; José
Tadeo siempre demostró estar sobrado de conocimientos tanto técnicos como de negocio, así como de trato
claro y directo con los clientes de distintos países, lo que redundó en una muy buena colaboración que
trascendió en el tiempo del nivel profesional al personal."
MÉXICO, S.A. DE C.V., managed Jose Tadeo at Carriers Interconnect
"Jose Tadeo, es un excelente profesional, muy responsable y comprometido con sus objetivos, tuve la suerte
de trabajar con el en proyectos complejos y demostró grandes habilidades en sus funciones con analista de
negocios, buen compañero y siempre dispuesto a colaborar."
— Agustin Camacho, Especialista de Producto / Analista Desarrollador, Carriers Interconnect, worked
directly with Jose Tadeo at Carriers Interconnect
"I've worked with Jose in many projects several times. He's a very good professional, always committed with
team working and project goals. He's very skilled in interconnection business supported by a strong technical
— Basilio Chronopoulos, Partner, BCGS y Asoc, worked directly with Jose Tadeo at Carriers Interconnect
"Tadeo is an exceptional professional that takes care of clients needs and converts these needs in new
projects. He has always come up with innovative ideas that helped her clients attain their goals. He is
proactive and efficient"
— Carlos Watfi, Project Leader, Carriers Interconnect S.A, worked directly with Jose Tadeo at Carriers
"Tadeo's a very proactive person, clarify the problems and resolved them with a step to step process."
— Jorge Roman, Team Leader, Integra Consultores, worked with Jose Tadeo at Carriers Interconnect
"He tenido la oportunidad de trabajar con Tadeo en varios proyectos por largo tiempo, demostrando en todos
ellos un excelente nivel profesional, comprometido con el trabajo y enfocado al logro de objetivos. Posee
amplios conocimientos en el negocio de interconexión y sólidos conocimientos técnicos."
— Rodolfo Rodriguez Acuña, Director de Operaciones Venezuela, Grupo SMS, managed Jose Tadeo at
Grupo SMS
"José Tadeo Cote is a balanced person with a strong set of professional and personal values that show
consistently in his decisions and actions. He is an excellent professional, executive and proactive. With his
customers at all times he demonstrates transparency, reliability, integrity and nobility, making it easy to
appreciate him, and follow him unconditionally as a leader."
— Alba Lucia Duque, was Jose Tadeo's client
"I've known Tadeo since a long time and I could easily say that he has a extremely good capacity to model
problems and further solve them using state of the art techniques. His management skills along with his
technical knowledge are really an invaluable asset for any IT organization."
— Rodrigo Meneses, Software Architect, Vedantek, managed Jose Tadeo indirectly at Vedantek
"José Tadeo, tiene una gran capacidad de análisis y resolución de problemas en el diseño de soluciones en
diversas áreas de TI. Adicionalmente, su forma estructurada de organizar su trabajo, le permite implementar
las soluciones de manera efectiva."
— Eduardo Mora, Gerente de Bases de Datos, Servicios Tecnológicos Rise, C.A., worked directly with Jose
Tadeo at Vedantek
"Tadeo is a very keen person who always strives for high quality results in any field. From my experience
working with him as Software Engineers, I can say he always brought innovative ideas and found creative
ways to materialize them. He is an out-of-the-box thinker and a natural problem solver."
— Dany Fariña, Software Engineer, Panopticom, C.A., worked directly with Jose Tadeo at Integra
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