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I am a Brazilian composer who loves classical music.  I studied music composition under Osvaldo Lacerda, a prestigious teacher from São Paulo, and later at the University of São Paulo.  I am very good with computers (also a computer programmer) and I can create MIDI mockups easily using DAWs or notation software such as Sibelius and Notion.

I know a lot about sheet music creation.

My music frequently exhibits durations and harmonies more creative than current TV and film tendencies.  I am an amateur classical pianist who really enjoys harmony, orchestration and composition.

In the distant past I wrote a couple short animation soundtracks.  I think they show a talent for creative atmospheres (in this case, very serious)

In case you are posting a video project that needs music, please try to answer these questions in your post, in order to give us more information about it:  Is the video for a business?  For TV?  Is it an animation?  Is it fiction or non-fiction?  Is there a narrative?  A story?  Why not show a sketch of your video?  Seeing something would give me an idea of what is being produced.

It's fine to show your temp tracks, but please make an effort to describe in words what you're trying to achieve.  I can do better than many temp tracks.

Thank you for your attention and good luck!

Some of my music has not been used in any projects but rather serves as examples of my work, so it is available for licensing. Please contact me if there is a track that interest you.

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