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Before I became an entrepreneur, I loved working on innovative projects that involved research and problem solving.

One favorite project was creating a curriculum at my school for english learning that helped teachers conduct their classes in an interactive way. I learned about leadership. I had six other students working with me and I challenged them to work together and to accomplish more. The result was more than any of us imagined we could do.

As I became an entrepreneur I realized that this experience was something that I could inject into projects in my business and with my clients.  My business serves clients by identifying the problems they face and coming up with new innovative ways for them to acheive their goals. This process gives me the same satisfaction because we work together and get results beyond what we expected.

My world continues to expand as I study new languages and the principles of international business. These have become my passions and I am merging them into my business.

I am looking for people who want to engage with me in these topics.
Historia laboral
* Bolt digital strategies: I work with business owners and marketing directors to develop their online digital strategies. I analyze business objectives and target audiences and identify the best approaches for use on multiple online platforms to connect and produce outcomes that achieve the business goals of the client.

Trabajo con dueños de negocios y directores de marketing para desarrollar sus estrategias digitales en línea. Analizo los objetivos de negocio y los públicos de destino e identifico los mejores enfoques para su uso en múltiples plataformas en línea para conectar y producir resultados que alcancen los objetivos de negocio del cliente.

* Institución Educativa Escuela Normal Superior de Medellín: Coordinar procesos de capacitación a maestros en formación en el uso y didactización de una segunda lengua.
Fortalecer el área de inglés en los grados primero, segundo y tercero de primaria.

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