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Luciano C. Backend Ror 3 years ago +

"Empezó bien, luego puso a trabajar a otro desarrollador en su nombre, luego de varios problemas que encontramos para conectar el app remotamente a nuestro server, simplemente dejo de trabajar y el app quedó caído."

Baires. Direct Payment for Carlos R. 3 years ago +
Luciano C. Programador Ror 3 years ago +
About me
ZenLabs is based in La Paz, Bolivia. We outsource web and mobile development services. I’ve been CTO at ZenLabs for 1 year and also have more than 5 years managing various languages focusing on Ruby on Rails, HMTL 5, Javascript Frameworks and PhoneGap. We always work with TDD (Test Drive Development), responsive design and agile management.
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Ruby on Rails Test 2014 62% 48% Passed
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* Outsourcing/Offshoring

* Sysdecom -Systems Development Company and Validoc (Internet)
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