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Entrepeneur spirit, be collaborative and patient – open to alternative viewpoints. Appreciate “idea” exchange and encourage consensus & involvement
Professional with more than 20 years of experience in Information Technology , Telecommunications, Internet, cross-plataform systems and Mobile Content Production industry.
Knowlodge in SCM Concept and WMS, ERP, TMS, ECR, VMI Systems.
Web and Technolgoy passionate with huge experience on Digital Product marketing and placement.
Client-facing experience in sales and trade marketing.
Consultative sale around value and creating a solution for the customer.
Ability to articulate value of solution and understand customer´s business.
Experience in participating in technical activities such as: meeting, demos, proof of concepts, statements of work, etc.
Can communicate a compelling vision and is committed to what needs to be done.
Ability to travel and work effectively with large number of clients and internal colleagues
Reads people accurately and can identify strengths, weaknesses and potentials of his/her team Logistics
management, distribution, mobile marketing and trade marketing.
Product and Services management and customer behavior.
Sales in Brazil and Latam market (México, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicarágua, Costa Rica, Panamá, República Dominicana, Colombia, Venezuela, Equador, Perú, Bolívia, Paraguay, Argentina, Alemanha, etc).
Historia laboral
Supportcomm – Since December 2013
Sales Director
Responsible for the largest company´s account.
Telecom Cross Plataform Solutions Company – VAS (Value-added Services)
Main Company Focus: Telecom Companies – Digital marketing strategies, contracts, web and voice portals, e-entertainement, e-learning and e-health,  IRVs, mobile marketing, etc.

GSI  Media Group – Since August 2011
Managing Director
Responsable for more than 18 major accounts in Brazil.
Cross Plataform Solutions Company including content projects.  Miles33/Tera – Editorial CMS, Web CMS, Circulation Solutions, Cloud Computing, Mobile Apps.
Multi-screen ad-serving from – Mobile SSP and Multi-screen Ad-server ( Audience Profiling & Targeting, RTB & Yeld Optimisation)
Main Company Focus: Newspapers, Internet Companies, Commercial Printers, Digital Magazines Companies, digital marketing strategies,Geo-targeting and geo-fenced plataforms, Cross-plataform editorial systems, mobile marketing and payment, ecommerce,etc.

3W Comunicação e Tecnologia Ltda. – Brazilian Company
Managing Director
Software Develop Company and Protec Media sales representative.
Cross Plataform Solutions including content production projects.  Protec Media – Editorial CMS, Web CMS, Circulation Solutions, Cloud Computing, Mobile Apps.
Main company focus: Advertisement Companies ( Agencies),  Media groups,  trade fair companies, etc.

OneVision Software Latin América – OneVision Software – 2006 – 2010 – Germany Company
New business development – Integration of workflows solutions
Responsible for achieving and conquer more than 120 large accounts in Latam market.
Main Company Focus: Newspapers, Internet Companies, Commercial Printers
Workflow flexibility with customer files into production files solutions and last minute file corrections.
End-to-end digital publishing solution.
Automated image enhancement.
Optmization print quality and pay less.

Folha de S.Paulo Newspaper – 2000- 2006 – Brazilian Newspaper                                 
Publishing System Coordinator – Cross-plataform especialist
Responsible for several projects of Folha de S.Paulo, Agora, Valor Econömico, Revistas e especiais digitais.
Biggest brazilian newspaper and Internet Group Provider

Empresa Folha da Manhã S.A. – 1996 - 2000     - Brazilian Media Group                    
Digital Project Manager – Digital Ads for printed newspapers.
Responsable for design of digital advertising along with Abril Publishing company.
Newspapers  and Internet Group Provider 
Fevereiro/1993 – Março/1996     - Brazilian Publish Company            
Century Editorial Ltda. 1993 - 1996
Marketing and Arts department Coordinator
Responsable for pubish more than 40 magazines.
Publishing Company

Novembro/1989 – Fevereiro/1993 – Brazilian Publish Company
Micromiramar Edições Culturais ltda. 1993 - 1996
IT Trainning Manager
Publishing Company
Another companies as a consulting professional
    Transdata Telecomunicações. -  1989 – Brazilian IT Company
    Engerbi Informática. – 1993 – Brazilian Engineer Company
    DeMello Ad Agency. – 2000 – 2001 – Brazilian Ad Agency
    Ômega Informática. – 1995 – 1998 – Brazilian School
    Data Control. – 2001-2002 – Brazilian School
    Tribuna TV -  1993-1994 – Brazilian Channel TV – (Globo TV Subsidiary)

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