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Being a young (31Y) male, Post graduate(M.B.A.) Part Qualified I.C.M.A. (St. I-IV) with 5+ Years Experienced (Currently Operations Manager Finance and Last 2Y as Audit Supervisor with a CA firm), accompanied with good fluent communication and inter-personal skills, I look forward for a vast horizon to achieve. Having worked on Sidat Hyder Financials (V5.01), I have good hands on Peachtree, MS-WIn, MS-Office and other certain softwares too.
Historia laboral
Work Experience

Organization    :    Taj Corporation
Organization Type    :    Restaurants & Oil Business
Designation    :    Operation Manager Taj 5
Tenure    :        March 2012 to date.
Location     :    Jun Pur R.Y Khan, Pakistan
Area(s) of Experience    :    Operations, Inventory Management & Analysis, Supply Chain Management.
            Financial Accountancy
Reporting to    :    Business Manger, Director & Corporate Team
Responsibility    : Daily DBR, IDF and Invoices check, Current Stock Report and Orders    check, Prices check. Daily, weekly and monthly orders. All Payments bill of vendors finalized and sanctioned. Store matters, DBR, IDF, Store Transfer Invoice, Cash and deposit, Current Stoke report, Minimum Stock Level report, price fluctuation report item wise and vendor log, prepare and maintain by store in-charge follow to Management and Head office. Check each duties of Purchaser work, Purchase log, Monthly Assignment items report, Benefit cost report.
Span of Control    :    10 staff including 2 Officers

Organization    :    S. M. NAIM MIAN & Co. (C.A.)
Organization Type    :    Audit & Tax Consultancy Firm
Designation    :    Audit Supervisor
Tenure    :        January 2010 to March 2012
Location     :    Multan, Pakistan
Area(s) of Experience    :    Audit (Internal & External), Accountancy Financial Research & Analysis, Supply Chain.
Reporting to    :    Manager Audit.
Responsibility    :    Audit plan, Compliance & assurance, Identification and management of risks, Review of reliability and integrity of financial operating information, System compliance against business policy & strategic issues and their corresponding impacts, Company’s assets (tangible and intangible) their safeguard and existence, Efficiency of resources, Special operations or activities. Further, furnishing management with analysis, recommendations, counsel, information and promoting effective control at reasonable costs by giving assistance in preparation of business plans & feasibility reports.
Span of Control    :    4 staff including 2 Officers
Brief Job Description    :    Purchases & Vendors Audit:

•    High value or volume purchases;
•    Direct charge purchases; (Individual & Vendors)
•    Payments to consultants;
•    Unusual charges (Associated Concerns of the group)
•    Low value & Over limit purchase;
•    Honorarium Payments;
•    Equipment purchased verification; (If Federally Purchased)
•     Purchases from organizations of local supply agreement vendors.

Receivables Audit:

•    Trace totals to the comparative summary of accounts receivable.
•    Reconciling items to obtain a moderate to low level of assurance at which accuracy is achieved.
•    Investigate all reconciling items and determine whether any adjustments are necessary.
•    Discuss collectibles with management and review other documentation supporting, as necessary.
•    Verifying the accounts receivable listing or individual balances.
•    Accounts receivable balances may not exist.
•    Accounts receivable may not be collectible.
•    Bad debts write-offs may not be valid.
•    Sales transactions may be processed in the wrong period

Non payroll expenditure Audit:

•    Supplies
•    Equipment Purchases (Non-Federal funds)
•    Federal Grants and Contracts
•    Equipment Purchases (Non-Budgeted)
•    Telephone Charges
•    Travelling & Entertainment.

Organization    :    MUNIF ZIAUDDIN & JUNAIDI C.A.
Organization Type    :    Audit Tax & Incorporation Consultancy.
Designation    :    Assistant Manager Audit & Accounts.
Tenure    :        Jan 2007 – Nov 2009
Location     :    Karachi, Pakistan.
Area(s) of Experience    :    Finalization of Accounts & preparation of Financial Statements, Audit assignments, Fund Management.
Reporting to    :    CEO
Responsibility    :    Preparation, maintenance, verification and presentation of Financial Statements and their analysis including Wealth & Shareholding statement, Cash flows, Payroll, and stakeholders accounts on Semi & Annual Basis on Corporate & Branch levels to partners, Bank management including legal documentation, rates negotiation, NOCs, Working capital management, Bank reconciliation statements, Budgeting etc.
Span of Control    :    10 staff including 4 Officers.
Brief Job Description    :    •    Preparing Financial Statements on Semi & Annual Basis.
•    Closing the books for Final Audit.
•    Cash Flow Statement on Corporate & Branch levels.
•    Corporate Pay Roll account has been maintained & controlled.
•    Monthly Bank reconciliation statements for corporate & branch bank.
•    Inter branch Reconciliation of accounts.
•    Expense budget for various expenses on quarterly basis.
•    Supported to prepare Cash budget for branches on quarterly basis.
•    International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS) been complied while preparing Financial statements.
•    Working Capital requirements of the organization been assessed & maintained.
•    Well acquainted with banking procedures of foreign purchases.
•    Preparing all necessary documents for External Audit.
•    The Final audit of the company schedules: for instance:                                               
•    Assets & Depreciation Schedules;
•    All necessary provisions for outstanding expenses.

Organization    :    GHULAM RASOOL CONSTRUCTION Pvt. Ltd.
Organization Type    :    Construction Co.    
Designation    :    Assistant Accountant.
Tenure    :        April 2004 – Nov 2005
Location     :    Multan, Pakistan
Area(s) of Experience    :    Finance & Accounting
Reporting to    :    Manager (Finance & Accounts)
Responsibility    :    Financial Accounting, Costing, Payroll, Bank Reconciliation, Audit Facilitation, and preparation of Periodical Reports.
Span of Control    :    None
Brief Job Description    :    •    Monitoring invoicing, inventory, payroll, payment and recovery;
•    Preparation of Cost Sheets of job order costing and also responsible to maintain cost data and incorporation in the General Ledger System.
•    Inventory purchase and reconciliation with issuance, suppliers reconciliations
•    Liaison with banks and handling all banking accounts;
•    Preparation and submission of different reports as per management directives and statutory requirement

Internship Experience

Organization    :    Shujabad Group
Organization Type    :    Textile
Designation    :    Intern
Tenure    :        August 2010 TO September 2010

Professional Certification & Academic Education

Sr.    Certification / Degree     Institution / University     Specialization / Major     Passing Year
1    CMA (Parts Qualified)    ICMAP    Accounting    2006
2    M. B. A.    Virtual University, Multan    Business Finance    2010
3    B. A.    Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan    Economics.    2003
4    F. Sc.    B. I. S. E. Multan    Pre- Medical    2000
5    Diploma in IT     Gov. College of Science, Multan    Computer Science     2001
6    SSC    Govt. Muslim High School, Multan    Science    1997
Computer Skills and Other Abilities

Sr.    Skills & Abilities     Proficiency Level    Last Used / Practiced
1    Word Processing    Excellent     Currently Using
2    Soft Presentation    Excellent     Currently Using
    3    Outlook Express    Average    Currently Using
4    Spread Sheet    Above Average    Currently Using
5    System Designing    Average    2008
6    Budgeting and Forecasting    Average     2008
7    Database Management    Average    2008
8    Financial Analysis Tools    Above Average     Currently Using
9    Statistical Tools    Average     2008

Remarkable Achievements & Awards

Sr.    Description of Activities     Year
1    Planned and Conducted individually audit of 5 years accounts at Green Agro Group.     2010
2    Part of the team that developed Business strategy and planning for Rozgar Microfinance Bank.     2008

Professional Development

Sr.    Workshops / Seminars     Year
1    Seminar on IAS    2007
2    Workshop on Learning IFRS    2006
3    Workshop on Time Management     2006

Social Membership & Co-curricular / Leisure Activities

Sr.    Description of Activities
1    Reading Books
2    Playing Chess & Badminton

Personal Information

Father’s Name    :    Mansab Ali (Late)
Marital Status     :    Single
CNIC No.    :    36302-0702097-9
Religion    :        Islam
Language Competency     :    English, Urdu.

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