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Desde adolescencia Clinton ha estado experimentando, la codificación y el diseño para la web. Más tarde se inició un diseño web consultoría y desde ha trabajado con más de 50 clientes con éxito se marca en línea.

La mayor parte de su experiencia es el desarrollo web y diseño, copia de la escritura, escribiendo para la web y la creación de una comunidad en torno a los medios sociales. Clinton ha puesto en marcha una serie de sus propios proyectos. Primera juegos flash online, y más tarde la creación de servicios web, blogs y participar en redes sociales. Lanzó BlackLeopardEngine en 2007 y 2008, PutFeed en 2009, Rent2Bike en 2011, StartupPipe, CriticFeed y SeeSawr en 2012 y recientemente Moveelo, un companía de movil web.

En actualidad, el enfoque de Clinton está ayudando a las empresas con las que trabaja la marca a sí mismos a través de los medios sociales y ayudarles a diseñar comunidades centradas en el cliente web. Él también está muy centrado en el móvil y está trabajando en un nuevo producto móvil CMS para las empresas dispuestas a market a la audiencia móvil.


Since Clinton's early teens he has been experimenting, coding and designing for the web. He later started a web design consulting business and since has worked with over 50 clients successfully brand themselves Online Writing 

The majority of his experience is web development and design, copy writing, writing for the web and building a community around social media. Clinton has launched a number of his own projects. First in online flash games, then later building web services, blogging and getting involved in social media.

He launched BlackLeopardEngine in 2007 and 2008, PutFeed in 2009, Rent2Bike in 2011, StartupPipe, CriticFeed and SeeSawr in 2012 and just recently Moveelo in October, a mobile web company.

These days, Clinton's focus is helping the businesses he works with brand themselves through social media and helping them design customer-centric web communities. He is also heavily focused on mobile and is working on a new mobile CMS product for businesses ready to reach out to the mobile audience.
Work history
Moveelo (Internet) ////
Clinton is the founder and manager of Moveelo. He develops the MoveeloEditor CMS and is in charge of the Moveelo brand and organisation.

    Skakun Consutling (Internet) ////
I develop web sites and advanced online applications for a large array of firms in and around Alberta. We deal with companies from every sector of business in Calgary and surrounding areas. From non-profit, to construction, to oil and gas, we take special care to ensure that our product is superior to our competition. (Sports) // - from 12/2011// is an online booking system to make renting and planning bike tours anywhere in the world quick and easy. We currently host over 120 bike rental shops in six continents. Cyclists search for and compare bike rentals. When they find what they want, they book the service, and the bike shop contacts them to confirm. was founded in March 2011 by Clinton Skakun of Skakun Consulting, a web development and IT business based out of Okotoks Alberta, Canada. The site was built from ground up on CatalystCMS, a rapidly growing content management system. Clinton's idea picked up some local press and, over the past few months, the site has been slowly growing. "We're excited to be in a thriving market sector which is apart of the environmental solution. With the number of cyclists around the world expected to grow in the next ten years, we're glad to be in the right place at the right time," says Clinton.

    DMS Computers Sales & Services Inc. (Internet) // - from 6/2010//
Worked as a web developer part time.
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