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Sobre mí
My name is Marjorie and I am 34 years old. I have a background in communications and work experience for over ten years in the field. I am a proud mom of a nine years old girl, reason why I started my company.
I was born in Brazil and came to live in Uruguay when I was twelve years old. I was educated in a French school and later on in an Italian one, that allowed me to learn different languages, something that helped me as a grown up to re wire my brain and be an outside the box thinker. I´ve always felt that I didn´t fit anywhere, and now I realize that the reason why I felt that way is because I am a change maker. I am an entrepreneur that wants to change the world, and that is not a common task that you can fulfill in a 9-5 hours job.
For the last three years I´ve dedicated myself to create a company that empowers kids. Thanks to this venture, I was selected as one of the 250 entrepreneurs that travel last October to the US to be a part of The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative, which allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.
I now find myself constantly looking for opportunities to improve the world that we live in and to help others overcome difficulties in their lives.
Historia laboral
I´ve been working in the advertising industry for over ten years. Had my own advertising agency and producing house.
Producer of tv shows, commercials and shorts films.
More than five years translating texts both from english to spanish and spanish to english.
Worked for five years in BTL and promotions, PR and corporate image.

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