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Luis O.

Software Engineer: Development and Operations.

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Programación y Tecnología

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Systems Engineer with strong skills in development, operations and lifecycle management.
Over three years of experience as a polyglot full-stack developer, implementing best practices like test-driven development and introducing DevOps techniques such as continuous deployment, following good principles like SOLID and DRY.
Equally effective in a team environment or as a lone specialist.
Historia laboral
Freelance Software Engineer    Bucaramanga, Colombia 01/16 - Present

  Software Engineer (remote, contractor)
  Pensemos - continuous engagement (10/16 - Present)

  Part of the programming team, sole responsible of set-up of the deployment pipelines and maintainer of the WEB client that handles the periodic timelines of one of the largest cooperative companies in the country.

• Key team-member in the development of the web application using the Python web framework Django.
• Wrote front-end components using VueJS, communicating with a REST API, also built in Django, for efficiency.
• Introduced a continuous deployment process for ease and speed-up of development and deployment using GitLab and Docker through docker-compose.
• Maintainer and responsible of bug-fixes and feature changes.

  Software Engineering consultant (remote, contractor) 
  Pensemos - continuous engagement (01/16 - Present)

  Sole responsible of maintenance, bug fixing and development of a note-taking and task management application called Agreele.

• Python and JavaScript Development.
• PostgreSQL Database administration.
• Linux servers administration in Digital Ocean, provisioned with Bash and Docker.
• Fine-tuning of the provisioning process with Ansible planned.

Software Engineer    Pensemos, Bucaramanga, Colombia        12/14 - 12/15

Took full ownership of backend development, developed the alpha of the frontend client and maintained a note-taking and task management application called Agreele.

• Built the entire backend infrastructure as a REST API using the Python microframework Flask and the ORM SQLAlchemy.
• PostgreSQL Database administration.
• Wrote the skeleton and initial versions of the frontend client using the javascript MVW framework Angular and the Foundation presentation framework.
• Configuration of the development and deployment infrastructure: Execution based on Docker containers provisioned using Git hooks with helper Bash scripts.

Software Developer        Eximo,  Bogotá, Colombia     07/13 - 11/14

Full-Stack software developer with responsibilities in maintenance and new features as well as responsible of several proofs-of-concept for a software development company handling different applications for varied clients and an in-house interactive CMS.

• Frontend (javascript) and Backend (java) work on the company's own graphical CMS for website prototyping. New features and bug fixes.
• Frontend (javascript) and Backend (java) work for a client's CRM. New features and bug fixes.
• Purchase , setup and maintenance of a proof-of-concept virtualization server, based on virtualbox, for testing deployments in different browsers.
• Initial migration of the version control system from perforce to git.

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