João L. S.

Software Engineer at Synapses Group

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Always excited to create new solutions using Math and Computing fundamentals, software developer generalist, passionate about Technology and Agile Culture, solid knowledge in Object Oriented and Aspect Oriented paradigms.

Ruby developer at Synapses Group (apr/12-current), involved in every step of development cycle and creation of company's new products. Responsible for product quality assurance, as well keep company's development process conform agile software development standards. Using Rails, Postgres, Redis, jQuery as main technologies.

Experienced with Java EE, Oracle, Javascript and jQuery tecnologies while worked at Sydle Systems (apr/11-apr/12), being responsible for design, implement software solutions and guide development team.

During graduation in Computer Science at Federal University of Lavras (2007-2011) worked at Junior Company of Computer Science, Differential and Integral Calculus Teaching Assistant, and in research projects related to Wireless Sensors Networks, Software Maintenance and Aspect Oriented Paradigm. Awards Academic Merit by Education Ministry and Featured Completion of Graduation Course by Brazilian Computer Society

Interests: Ruby/Rails, Java, Python, jQuery, JavaScript, Eclipse, Oracle, Postgres, Scrum, Git.
Work history
* Synapses Group (Information Services)

* SYDLE (Information Technology and Services) [from 4/2012]
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