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I am electrical engineer. I have an experience of more than 5 years in the field of electronics and embedded development and have worked for clients from industries as well as academia. The projects that I have undertaken and successfully completed range from simple microcontroller projects to large scale industry automation projects.
Skillset Includes:
1. IOT devices
2. Arduino/ARM and other architectures
3. WiFi
4. Bluetooth
5. GSM
6. GPS
7. Zigbee
8. Other RF communication devices
9. A large number of sensors
10. Interfacing with motors/other actuators
11. Raspberry Pi
12. Eagle/Altium Studio
13. Fritzing
14. Android/IOS apps
15. RTOS
16. MATLAB / Simulink
Historia laboral
1. IoT Home Security System:
This project consisted of designing and implementing a home security system which can connect to both wired and wireless type sensors. The system features are as follows: 1. Programmable sensors (Name, Time, Voice messages, Phone numbers). 2. System sends messages to the added numbers. 3. System also places calls and plays a voice message as soon as the call is picked. 4. Sensors can be added to the system anytime. Plug and play support.

2. IOT Home Automation System:
The system consists of a touch sensitive switching panel which is installed in place of the conventional modular switch panels. The switching panel also consisted of fan regulator touch buttons. This panel is connected to the internet via connection to the home WiFi. An accompanied app (Android and IOS) was developed wherein the user can anytime check the status of the individual switches of the panel and also toggle them remotely using the internet. A server was also implemented for the same.

3. Bluetooth based helmet audio and calling system:
In this project a standalone battery backed bluetooth based module was developed which could be attached to the exterior of any helmet. The module connected to speakers and a microphone inside the helmet and paired via bluetooth to any smartphone. There were play/pause/next track/prev track/vol+/vol- buttons on the module such that they could be distinguishable by feel even while wearing gloves. The module allowed the biker to listen to music streaming from his phone and also receive calls.

4. RTOS based climate monitoring system:
The requirement of this project was to develop an ARM Cortex based climate monitoring system that could be placed in any kind of an environment and which constantly monitors the temperature and other climate variables in its vicinity. Simultaneously it records this data with a time stamp in a .CSV file and sends this data weekly to a remote server. The system had to operate on batteries and had to last for at least 6 months on a single charge.

There are many others, but it is limiting to not describe all. I have just listed those below:
1- Smart Building System
2- Energy Monitoring, Controlling and Saving
3- Environmental Monitoring
4- Flood detection and prediction system based on IoT and big data
5- Online Weather Station Based on IoT
6- Smart Farming System (Long Range Wireless Sensor Networks)
7- Smart Hydroponics System  Based on IoT
8- IP TV and Digital Signage System
9- RFID Solution
10- GPS Tracking System
11- Remote Sensing
12- ESP8266 projects

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