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Microelectronics and controls system French Engineer with 6 years experience as a Test Bench Engineer and 2 year experience as a project manager for toll systems, I lived in Paris, France, Toronto, Canada, São Paulo, Brazil, and I am actually living in Mexico. Thus I have international experience, and four languages fluency.

Fast Learner and easily adapting, I have a personal commitment to honesty and results.
Historia laboral
Since 2012, Various projects as a freelance LabVIEW Engineer, please check my profile on theses websites:

2011 – GEA­Prosis, Toll Systems || Mexico D.F, Mexico – Since October
­Company that sells, installs and maintain GEA's French Freeway Toll systems in Mexico and Guatemala­
Project Engineer:
Team leader, computer systems responsible, material installation and maintenance, capitalization and methods improvement.
■ Team coordination for new projects and maintenance.
■ Answer to tender evaluations providers seek
■ Follow up purchases, orders, repairs
■ Method integration, Knowledge capitalization
Team­size: 10 persons, Manager: José Trigueiros
Technical environment : GEA toll Systems & Softwares, WindowsServer2003, Oracle, VBA, MicrosoftOffice2010, Windows 7
Realizations: This position gave me a chance to manage a team, being the interface between the CEO and the operational team, to                                          
setup methods and improve communication between all company stakeholders. Winner of toll system renovation of                            
Mexico­Acapulco freeway’s Tender
2010 – SagemCom, Telecommunications || Rueil­Malmaison, France
­High Tech French Group with international presence, leader on various markets, 6000 employees­
Industrialization engineer 3 mobile devices projects:
As a member of the industrialization team, in the research and development department, I had an horizontal role over three                                      
project, from low level embedded software to complex automatic test application framework.
■ Development and debug of manuals and automatic test tools for the three projects
■ Maintaining SagemCom Test Framework
■ Debug and update Test Framework functionalities
■ Debug and update of product's embedded software
■ Support to production factory for line tests
Team­Size : 6 persons, Manager : Khâm Nguyen­Than
Technical environment : Visual C++, Cygwin, Trace32, lauterbach Probe, Mobile Communication Analyzer Rhodes&Scharwtz                      
CMU, Will'Tek Mobile Communication Analyzer, TortoiseCVS & WinCVS, Windows XP
Realizations: Despite the short duration of this mission, I proved that I could adapt myself fast to a new technical and working                                          
environment and start to solve problems.
2009 – THALES, Avionics || Cachan, France
­High Tech Group, World leader in various domains as aerospace, presence in 50 countries, 68000 employees­
Airbus A320 Flight computer’s Automatic Test­bench design for three aircraft control units:
The purpose of this automatic test bench is to cover all components on the three different control units and thus test all                                          
basics functions allowing fast debugging and bug report for a forty people team.
■ Test definition writing within formatted (DO­254) documentation Acceptance Test Procedure.
■ Material architectural automatic test bench study
■ LabVIEW Software and HMI’s development
■ Test sequences integration
■ Operating tests.
Team­Size : 40 persons, Manager : Charles Fodor, Marc Mileur
Technical environment: LabVIEW, RS232C, TCP/IP, ARINC429, Oscilloscopes, Digital analyzer, Agilent 38980A, Windows XP, SVN
Realizations: This project's scale increased significantly my organizational, team working and under­pressure skills. This                          
Test­Bench tests all flight simulator's components and functionality in less than 3h, the team has been contracted for the next                                      
version.2008 – Schlumberger, Oil || Clamart, France
­Leader in services to Oil companies, presence in 80 countries, 105,000 employees­
Test Bench Engineer in Schlumberger’s Technology Center, DVDxT Alternator’s Test Bench Automation :
The purpose of this test bench is to prove endurance of a drilling measurement tool’s Alternator following different torque                                    
and speed patterns.
■ Material architectural test bench study
■ Writing of Test Bench automation specifications
■ LabwindowsCVI Software and HMI’s development
■ Communication driver with a Leroy Somers  motor
■ Software and system integration and validation
Manager : Alain Guelat
Technical environment: LabwindowsCVI, Leroy Somers motor, Modbus RTU, Windows XP
Realizations: This Test­Bench is a success and is still in use for endurance tests, part of the challenge was self­learning of a new                                            
development environment.
2007 – RATP, Transportation || Sucy­en­Brie, France
­International Group, Paris region public transport, presence in 12 countries, 48,000 employés­
Software upgrade and design on escalator’s roller qualification Test Bench :
The purpose of this test bench is to perform endurance tests on escalator’s rubber rollers simulating in use conditions.
■ Material architectural test bench study
■ Writing software upgrade specifications
■ LabWIEW Software and HMI’s development
■ Communication driver with a SEW motor
■ Software integration and validation
Team­Size : 3 persons, Manager : Christophe Goux
Technical environment: LabVIEW, Report Generation Toolkit,SEW motor, CANopen, Grafcet, Windows XP
Realizations: My job on this machine improved quality due to provider choice after testing their products on the machine. Customer
is fully satisfied as mechanical stairs maintenance cost significantly decreased.

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