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Digital Marketing & Client Services Specialist with over nine years of experience. Now; Creating Omnichannel Experiences and Digitizing Companies.

I worked with the following Brands and Clients:


Colombia: Coca Cola, L'oreal.

Argentina: Santander Río and British American Tobacco.

Costa Rica: Yamuni, Centenario Internacional S.A., Western Union, FEMSA, UNIMER, Mastercard, LG, Coca Cola, Pozuelo, Alimentos Prosalud, Huawei, EPA, ETA Fashion & Movistar.

Guatemala: Bayer, Pepsico, Pollo Campero, Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala, Inguat, Fritolay, P&G, Banco GyT Continental and Grupo Roble.

México: Red Viacom, Carat, Unilever, LG, HSBC, Toyota, Unilever, Nokia, Johnson & Johnson, Mars Incorporated and Mondeléz International. 

USA: EMD Serono, TATA Global Beverages



Colombia: Coca-Cola Brands, Jolie.

CAM: Coca Cola, Sprite, Hi-C, Fanta, Coca Cola Zero, Jugos del Valle, Powerade, Dasani, Sardimar, Chiky.

Argentina: Santander Río, Tarjeta Santander Río, Lucky Strike, Parisiennes, Viceroy and Dunhill

Costa Rica: Yamuni, Ron Centenario, Ronrico, Nikolai, Passport Scotch, Something Special and Western Union, UNIMER Panel Online, Súper Ferreterías EPA, Huawei Costa Rica, Honor Costa Rica, ETA Fashion, Pozuelo, Chiky, Bokitas, Sardimar, Oria, Tesoro del Mar, Pacífico Azul & Movistar.

Panamá: Blue Pacific & Estrella Azul.

Guatemala: Tabcin, Tabcin Alergi, Alka Sletzer, Aleve, Aspirina Forte, Dorival, Zacapa Ron, Ron Añejo Botran, Ron XL, VIP, Quezalteca Sello de Oro Venado Especial, Gatorade, Lays, Tortrix, Doritos, CC La Pradera and Gillete.

México: MTV, Rexona, LG, HSBC Seguros, Colgate, OB, Nokia 5800, Toyota, Pedigree and Trident.

USA: EMD Serono, Tetley Tea and Eight O´Clock.
Historia laboral
* Findasense (Marketing & Advertising): Growth and Client Success in Findasense contributes to the company mission which is to improve the world by helping organizations and consumers to be more connected.

Growth and Client Success has two main objectives:

1. Business Development: I have the responsibility to bring new business to the company with a very clear goal of turnover growth.

2. Customer Service Excellence: Last but not least, my position has the responsibility to create and manage teams with a the goal of giving our clients an "over the top" service. I have one clear idea: everything is negotiable but the service we provide.

Findasense - consulting & outsourcing for integrated social media business management: omnichannel customer care, real-time content marketing, big data analytics & intelligence.

We work with some of the largest companies in the world and today we excel at providing consulting, integration, innovation, and support services that improve the way the world’s leading companies do social.

Current and past clients include: Lenovo, The Coca-Cola Company, CPP, Groupon, SportingBet, Worten, Electronic Arts, Laboratorios Abello, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Instituto de Empresa, Indra, Jazztel, Bayer, Kroll and Ikea.

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