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Sobre mí
I wanted to be a programmer since I saw the first games on an Atari 2600.
I started hacking with Basic, then C, and later, Java.

I've been working as a developer for 15+ years using several languages like Java and Ruby, mostly for web applications.

In the 2000's I worked mostly with Java, developing web applications at companies in a wide range of industries from media, to communications, transportation, banking and finance. After making the switch to full-time Ruby development in 2011, I'm enjoying learning more about the Ruby and its ecosystem as well as other newer web technologies.

I've worked with Ruby On Rails, Sinatra and Grape and with SQL and NoSQL databases such as MySQL, Postgres, Redis and MongoDB.
Also I have expertise with several test frameworks like Minitest, Test::Unit, RSpec, Cucumber, Turnip, Capybara.

I really enjoy developing web apps and API backends using TDD and other XP methodologies to solve people's problems.

A long time Free Software and Linux advocate, I enjoy digging into the deeper technical aspects of programming languages and operating systems.

To HR people, please don't send me contact invitations. Use private messaging. Thanks.
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* Altoros (Information Technology & Services): Ruby web developer. Projects from startups to big companies. Web applications, backend APIs, E-commerce.
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2014 HTML 5 Test 80% 78% Aprobado
2014 Ruby on Rails Test 70% 65% Aprobado

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