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I'm a software developer who likes to get the job done. My main goal is to create great systems, developing myself and my colleagues in the process.

PHP, Python and Java are my favorite tools for solving problems, but learning other programing languages is always nice :)

Also, as you can see in my experiences, I have a great knowledge of databases (either SQL and some NoSQL)

Historia laboral

Currently working in the backoffice and platform systems (also known as "the backend of the backend") .

Working in keep legacy systems up and OK, while also creating new pieces of software to replace the older ones. Embracing some nice ideas, like microservices, top of quality frameworks and the continuous improvement of our process and tools.


In IBM I worked with the Internet Banking of one of the most famous financial institutions of Latin America.

Integration with complex systems and special care with unit testing were my main assignments there. They ran things mostly in a JEE container using a custom framework for dependency injection, all the web layer in Java.

* Bidu

Bidu is the biggest brazilian online platform for auto insurance. The majority of our systems are written in Ruby on Rails and Java and we tend to keep the systems as small and specialized as possible.

Cool things about the day to day job are the smaller and more cohesive development teams, an already stabilized software development process (including Continuous Integration), great care with code quality (including Code Reviews) and the big integration among the development team and the other areas of the company, including product and sales teams.

* Apontador

In apontador most of the database job was to maintenance the procedures and functions. Also, they had millions of users, so query tunning comes handy too. Monitoring the database and making sure that the procedures were "doing what they needed to do" was, probably, my main concern.

Together with the great development team they had, I was trying to decentralize the database. I mean, all the data there were stored in an Oracle installation, and we were trying to mix it with MySQL and Mongo, to lower the cost of operation. By the time I left the company, it was in an advanced stage of evolution

* Elav

Elav is an agency with lots of (and big) clients. We worked with PHP and MySQL for the majority of projects (some were in Java). It was in Elav that I learned how to create rich interfaces with CSS and Javascript, a very usefull (and cool!) skill.

Another interesting part of the job was integrating the blogs/sites/systems that we created with social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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