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International & Public Affairs

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- Project Planning & Management in International Development Cooperation.
- Teaching in Higher Education.
- Coordination of institutional and government events.
- Research Assistant of social & humanistic topics.
- Development of creative proposals of any projects with a social purpose.
Historia laboral
* Coordination for Migration Affairs at Mexico's President-Elect, Enrique Peña Nieto, Transition Team (International Affairs) [desde 11/2012]

* Digital Marketing & Coaching (International Affairs) [desde 9/2012]: Professional in the Field of International & Public Affairs

* Vice Coordination of Attention to Mexicans Abroad at Enrique Peña Nieto's Presidential Campaign (International Affairs) [desde 7/2012]

* Own Projects (International Affairs) [desde 5/2012]: Developing Strategies for the International Exposure of Governments and Municipalities.
Developing Marketing Strategies for MaDuMa, Utopia Line.
Developing PCM (Project Cycle Management) for International Development Cooperation.
Developing Business Plan and strategies of the importing of Ghana's products.

* Futura Networks (Internet) [desde 11/2011]: Coordination of the Universities area in Campus Party Mexico 2011.

* Futura Networks (Internet) [desde 12/2010]: Support in comercial and public topics.

* Centro Universitario UNIN de Mexico (International Affairs) [desde 11/2010]: Professor of course in the Bachelor of International Business and Marketing: Consumer Marketing & Global Economic Integration subjects.

* World Youth Conference 2010, México (Events Services) [desde 8/2010]: Reporter, writer and editor of the daily paper of the World Youth Conference 2010

* Coordination of International Affairs, Government of the State of Mexico (Government Administration) [desde 6/2010]: Support to the Subcoordination of  International Cooperation.
Staff organization of the Foreign Policy Panel - Reflection Forum, Commitment for Mexico.

* Interior Secretary, Federal Government of Mexico (International Affairs) [desde 7/2009]: General Office of Liaison with the Federal Government and Civil Society.

* Universidad Iberoamericana (Higher Education) [desde 12/2008]: Research on the “ Triqui indigenous community of Oaxaca“ a special group that migrate to the United States. - ​​Social Anthropology Graduate

* Universidad Iberoamericana (Higher Education) [desde 5/2008]: “Types of strategies, programs and activities for the internationalization of Graduate Studies in the UIA“

* Labor Secretary, State of Mexico (International Affairs) [desde 3/2008]: “Acculturation Program for migrants from State of Mexico to Alberta, Canada“

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