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Felipe Appio is a Brazilian software developer. He received his Bachelor's Degree in july 17th, 2015.

He has designed and developed a web system named Guessb for Sentiment Analysis (SA) or Opinion Mining (OM) in Brazilian Portuguese upon Facebook social network. Guessb extracts opinions in three different classes: positive, negative or neuter.
This project has been developed using Python Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) for doing the SA and the Django Framework for doing the client/server communication.
He has analysed 14 differents Supervised Machine Learning classifiers to determine which one it's better for the problem context approached, and using the Accuracy, Precision, Recall and F-Measure he has concluded that the Multinomial Naive Bayes (MNB) classifier had better metrics. Therefore, the Guessb uses the MNB which has been trainer over 10.000 comments of Google Play in Brazilian Portuguese.

Also, he works with Java since 2012. He has participated of many differents educational projects at the Universidade Estadual de Santa Catarina (UDESC). Most of them using Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java ServerFaces (JSF) with PrimeFaces. For doing the database communication it was used the Hibernate and Eclipselink Java Persistence API (JPA) implementation.
Two of these projects it's about a game which aims to promoted UDESC.

Some of theses projects has been developed  using PHP.

Besides, he has experience using SQL Developer Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) - Oracle -. Moreover, he has already worked with others RDMS such as Postgres and MySQL. Finally, he has experience in Oracle PL/SQL.
Historia laboral
* Senior Sistemas (Computer Software)
* Philips Health Systems
* Laboratório Modelo de Software - UDESC

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