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César M. L.

IT Systems and Processes Coordinator at Chubb

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Systems engineer experienced in the analysis and application of information technologies in order to reach organizational objectives. With a major focus in project management and orientation of business process management iniciatives supported by IT for the automation and continuos improvement of critical and high value generation processes.
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* Chubb (Insurance): (-) Excecution of Strategic IT Management Plan, supporting the accomplishment of strategic project portfolio.

(-) Project Management:

  • Collaborate with company areas to build project plans, set deadlines, assign responsibilities, and monitor cost and progress of implementation project.

• Evaluate project risks and work with company areas and project management office (PMO) to mitigate project risks and to ensure flawless implementation on time and budget.

• Direct and manage the overall and day-to-day business and technical aspects of the implementation to ensure deliverables achieve client satisfaction and operational expectations.

• Monitor project performance ensuring consistent and accurate reporting.

• Identify, define, develop and implement techniques to improve project management productivity, increase efficiency, manage project dependencies and critical path, mitigate risk, resolve issues and achieve cost savings for the company.

• Provide status reports to Chubb management on every aspect of the project including cost, projects/deliverables, quality, time, risk and issues.

• Ensure that ongoing solutions and services deliverables achieve internal client satisfaction and expectations.

• Recommend best practices and tools for project execution and management working directly with LAZ PMO.

(-) Technical support for the company CORE operations coordinating several providers in order to deliver effective business solutions.

(-) Project coordination between project management and providers across several countries.

(-) Elaborate and execute IT Process Improvement iniciatives.

* Amazing Colombia S.A. (Information Technology and Services) [desde 6/2011]

* Soft Bolivar S.A. (Information Technology and Services) [desde 12/2010]

* Soft Bolívar S.A. (Information Technology and Services) [desde 11/2009]

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