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Director of LIBROOKING, self-publishing focused on the Hispanic market. We take great pride in producing beautiful books and eBooks, and equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to give your self-published work the best possible chance to succeed.

I am an innovative, competent and successful Spanish linguist and editor with experience of managing      staff, overseeing the layout and content of articles,  books and digital projects, as well as dealing with any related production matters. Flexible in the ability to adapt to challenges when they  arise while remaining aware of professional roles and boundaries. Having the      ability to manage and develop staff whilst at the same time balancing any changing and potentially conflicting demands on resources. Now looking for a new and challenging editorial position -commissioning and production & digital-, which will make best use of my existing skills and experience and also further my development.


Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin, with over 400 million native speakers. For the ebook market specifically, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the US, which is the most mature ebook market. Today, the store looks different and, of course, South America and Spain are a developing digital market, so this is just a start. But think ahead 5 years...

Join us!
Historia laboral
The Best You Ediciones Publishing Company – London

November 2014 - November 2015

Responsible for producing and editing editorial articles that are entertaining, informative and newsworthy. Writing content for print media and online and ensuring the editorial content delivers the publications message and objectives.

January 2012- November 2015

-Responsible for editorial development schedules, budgets & work allocation.
-Commissioning, creating, editing and publishing new content.
-Editing, producing and proof reading high quality written material. Creating fresh content for articles, features, blogs and also some video. Handling high profile accounts and contacts.
-Coordinating editorial procedures and maintaining editorial standards.
-Reading & reviewing published items to ensure they are of the highest quality.
-Liaising daily with translators, distributors, authors and other freelancers.
-Assisting in the development and also implementation of production schedules.


- CEO Librooking (2011 to now)

Unique and creative solutions that meet the client´s expectations not only by realizing the client´s business objectives, but particularly by our strict adherence to the ethical principles of linguists; continuous search for opportunities and business objectives; creative approaches to the client´s special needs in order to find unique and tailored language and literary solutions; team work based on the implementation of progressive communications; professional quality of editing, translation and marketing services provided by a highly motivated team; courage and readiness to communicate on behalf of client in crisis. We have just expanded the business to self-publishing.

Key Clients:

Palibrio - Author Solutions (USA) - Language Solutions Ltd. (USA) - The Language Insight (USA)
Gatim Language Services (Netherlands) - NLP Training Books (London) - Babylon Translations (Israel)
Alittera Limit (USA) - ProfTranslations (USA) -  USCF University (USA) - Lexiapark Translation
Agency (Barcelona, Spain) - Casals Publishing House (Barcelona, Spain)

- Research Academic Writer (2007-2010)

Prospect Solution, UK

Browse various books and internet sites and researching on assigned topics in Spanish and English. Compose and deliver academic articles, research papers, reviews, and guides. Proofread, edit, and correct all given reports, properly and efficiently.

- Spanish tutor, trainer and consultant (2006 to present)

Bristol University - Spanish Tutor, 2007-2010
The Language Project School - Spanish Tutor, 2006-2007
Languages United - Spanish Tutor for kids, 2006
Dialogue Language Training -  Spanish for Business, 2011
Tutor Hunt - Private Spanish Tutor, 2012-2015

Highly energetic Foreign Language Teacher with over seven years experience devising creative lesson plans and integrating modern instructional techniques to teach professional, GCSE and A-Level students. Dedicated to a student-focused learning environment helping all students learn and advance their foreign language skills.

- MA Researcher (CSIC - Spanish Council Research, Madrid, 2005-6)

Researcher in Literary Theory and Psycholinguistic, CSIC, Madrid, Spain.
Thesis dissertation in European Literary Criticism (Time and Consciousness
in Virginia Woolf)


•    2007-2015: Translator, proofreader and language consultant
•    2011-2015: Director of Librooking, trusted provider of self-publishing, translation, editing, linguistic and content services in Spanish for authors, publishers and businesses.
•    1992-2005: Singer song-writer, first album recorded in 1995; recordings for other artists and bands; collaborations, composition, and performances for another artists.
•    1990-1992: PA at Corporate departments, Publishing Companies.
1987-1990: PA / Secretary for International Congress

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