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Sobre mí
Earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, majoring in Economics and Finance, from the University of Texas at El Paso. Also earned a Bachelor’s of Law from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez. Currently he is completing the thesis to earn the Master’s of Science in Economics from the University of Texas at El Paso, and the thesis to earn the Master’s of Business Law from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez.

Served for the Ministry of Finance in Mexico, research centers at UTEP, ING Insurance Company in Mexico, Televisa Chihuahua (local network) and Radio Net 1490 AM (local radio station). Served as a business advisor for the Regional Center for Business Competitiveness (CRECE in Spanish). Was panelist assistant in a Bi-national Panel Review for Article 1904 from NAFTA. Served as General Director for the business organization Economic Development of Juarez (Desarrollo Económico de Ciudad Juárez), lobbying and developing the economy in Juarez and its region.

Is President of the Mexican Institute of Financial Executives, Juarez Group (IMEF, Ciudad Juárez). Lead the Solo Negocios Radio program via Radio Net 1490, participation in Ser Empresario magazine, Norte de Ciudad Juarez newspaper and trough the Solo Negocios E-mail Bulletin (business advising through the media). Has been member of the Rio Grande Economics Association, speaker from the Ciudad Juarez College and Bar Association, and from the Businessmen Confederation of the Mexican Republic in Juarez (COPARMEX Juarez), were he served as Lawyer and press commissioner.

Currently leads Solo Negocios, providing business advising in business law, economic planning, economic development and also teaches Law and Economic courses at Bachelor's level at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez, and Financial System at master's level at the Northern Regional University.
Historia laboral
* Solo Negocios (Law Practice): Business advising on economic, legal and financial issues.

* ANADE (Law Practice) [desde 2008]

* IMEF (Financial Services) [desde 2008]

* Desarrollo Economico de Ciudad Juarez, AC (Nonprofit Organization Management) [desde 12/2007]

* Desarrollo Economico de Ciudad Juarez (DECJ (Nonprofit Organization Management) [desde 12/2007]: Lobbying on policy making at all government levels, as well as running and leading research projects for economic development purposes, as well as actions to attract foreign investment.

* Mexican Section of NAFTA Secretariat (Government Administration) [desde 5/2007]: Analysed all documents relative to the positioning of parts and Government regarding this NAFTA abritrage. Helped on issuing the Final Resolution Revision on Antidumping Investigation of Beef from the USA to Mexico.

* CV(EN) (Law Practice) [desde 1/2007]: Article 1904º NAFTA. Binational Panel Revision in accordance with NAFTA. Mexican Section of NAFTA Secretariat. Ciudad Juarez ­ Mexico City. Final Resolution Revision on Antidumping Investigation of Beef from the USA.

* Barra y Coegio de Abogados de Ciudad Juarez (Law Practice) [desde 2006]

* Ser Empresario (Law Practice) [desde 2005]

* CRECE (Management Consulting) [desde 2005]

* Nueva Era Radio (Law Practice) [desde 2003]

* ING Insurance Company (Law Practice) [desde 2/2003]: Coordinator of Payroll Discount Program. ING Comercial America. Ciudad Juarez. Administration and promotion of the insurance product.

* The University of Texas at El Paso (Higher Education) [desde 5/2001]: Support several research centers on economic and legal research; quantitative and qualitative analysis, survey executions, etc.

* Law and Border Studies (UTEP) (Law Practice) [desde 1/2001]: Assist to faculty researchers on law research by gathering and analyzing data, interviews and preparing summaries for final paper revisions.

* Hemispheric Trade (UTEP) (Law Practice) [desde 1/2000]: Assist to faculty researchers on an economic research by gathering data, analyzing it and preparing summaries for final paper revisions.

* Servicio de Administracion Tributaria (Government Administration) [desde 4/1999]: Tax collection through legal processes.

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