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Desarrollarme como profesional en las áreas de Tecnologías de Información para ofrecer soluciones integrales enfocadas a la mejora de procesos de negocio de cada organización

MS SQL SERVER 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012
Certification: Microsoft SQL Server® 2008, Implementation and Maintenance
Certification: Designing, optimizing, and maintaining a database administrative solution using Microsoft SQL Server 2008
ID (1032224) and the Access Code (MIT8212SOF) - https://mcp.microsoft.com/authenticate/validatemcp.aspx
Work history
•    Administer and maintain SQL Server Databases.
•    Maintain database user’s credentials and security.
•    Setting up Database mirroring and Peer to peer replication.
•    Setup and maintain Disaster Recovery servers.
•    Analyze database growth and monitor database size and health.
•    Perform monthly database refresh of DEV and Test environments .
•    Build release scripts and perform monthly code releases.
•    Build database health check and replication latency check dashboard.
•    Provide 24/7 on call production support.

* Softtek (Information Technology and Services): •    Backups and Restore databases on Production, QA and Developer environment.
•    Creation and maintenance of the database environment.
•    Fine for tuning of the application, defining standards and data access mechanism.
•    Generating the appropriate data environment for the different stages of the application tests.
•    Responsible for the activities related to the maintenance of the databases.
•    Responsible for meet in time, effort and quality the contracted commitments and gather metrics.
•    Identifying and escalate issues and identified risk.
•    Disaster recovery exercises needed by business in production environments.

MS SQL SERVER 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012

* Comité Organizador de los Juegos Panamericanos Guadalajara 2011 (Sports) [desde 11/2011]: •    Responsible to install and configure SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 to production and test enviroment.
•    Restore databases on production servers and dev servers.
•    Set database configuration
•    Manage users with different permissions, depends of the purpose.
•    Manage users and file server on Windows server 2008 R2.
•    Make sure to have a plan in a case to disaster. There are different activities to be safe in a disaster to recovery the databases in the shortest time as possible. For example:
•    Identify the roles of each person, Hardware, software, support, DBA's, managers and users.
•    Performed periodically Full backups.
•    Performed differential and transactions logs backups.
•    Test periodically backups to be sure to have integrity.

* Abarrotera del Duero (Retail) [desde 8/2011]: Asegurarme de la correcta entrega de la información de ventas al área comercial de sistemas como BW Sap, Bases de Datos en Sql server, además de asegurar la correcta catalogación de los datos maestros a las diferentes unidades de negocio

* ISOL-TI (Information Technology and Services) [desde 3/2010]: Implementación de sistemas Administrativos y Aplicaciones Web

* ISOL-TI (Information Technology and Services) [desde 3/2010]: - Seguimiento de clientes potenciales, oportunidades, cotizaciones, ventas mediante Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
- Personalización de Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.
- Personalización e Implementación de Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 para la empresa RtCosmeticos. http://www.rtcosmeticos.com

- Análisis de requerimientos para aplicaciones de internet.
- Actividades en las que estuy vinculado talez como: Análisis de requerimientos de los clientes para proyectos Web, armados en css/html, atención al cliente, programación en php y MySql, Administrar las bases de datos en MySql, diseño de las mimas, Administro los dominios de los clientes y hosting.

* COLMICH (Information Technology and Services) [desde 2004]: Soporte Ténico como Auxiliar de TI a Usuarios del Colegio.
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