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I'm an effective and efficient professional in the IT area, with broad experience in different technologies (mostly linux based), and a strong inclination for strategic planning and process optimization. To me, the idea of work comes from bringing my individuality and that of my peers to the business processes we execute, getting the best possible results for everyone involved

My personal objective is to be where I can achieve the greatest impact, reinventing myself in the process to incorporate new methods and ideas. I'm restless, and I constantly work improving my knowledge of the industry, company and people i work with to better understand what I can do to bring more value.

As a generalist with a broad vision of the role I play when hired, both at the operational and human level, I don't confine myself to a purely engineering role, going the extra mile to make a difference where I feel it is most needed. For this, I consistently challenge myself to develop different skill sets and meet other like minded people to keep growing and adding value.

Selling, marketing, managing, they are all good alternative choices that provide different viewpoints on the issues arising from the day to day operations where I can help the company perform better, although I always orbit the technology sector, even if the role is not technical.

I learn as I go and never stop finding ways to get better at what I do.
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* Pixerino: E-sports and gaming related partnership.
* Datamatic: OpenERP Partner - lead programmer

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