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Erik C.

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El Salvador
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More than 14 years of experience in analysis and design of systems, wide experience developing systems and solving business problems, self taught and passionate worker I like what I do and enjoy working together with the client, great communication skills between the clients and the business, open to change, pro-active, focused to objectives, procedures and goals. Wide experience with object oriented language like C# or Ruby, also experienced in language scripting like Perl, management of some of the most popular database providers like Oracle, SqlServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SqlLite, also experienced in installation, configuration and maintenance of Web Servers like Internet Information Service (Windows), Apache, Nginx.

My business experience covers :

- Telecommunications
- Inventory
- Payments
- Sell
- User administration
- Security
- Accounting
- Reporting

My environmet experience covers:

- Desktop applications (Windows)
- Web (Responsive inclusive)
- Mobile (Native and non-Native)
- Scripting (Linux)
- API / Rest API

My philosophies :

- Never give up against a trouble you always will find a way to solve it.

- If You need some knowledge and I don't have it. I will be able to learn it, to accomplish the task, no matter what.

- Sometimes is better to take the time to think and build something great, more than take the time to think how to fix something that could be great and was converted in something average.
Historia laboral
* Castivo Networks: Software consulting.
* Claro El Salvador (Telecommunications): Senior Software Developer for 15 years
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