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More than 20 years of experience in polymer processing (both in practical operation as well as in modeling), product design and applied research in polyolefins, and team management (mechanical engineers, material engineers, chemists) focused in fostering individual careers aligned with organizational objectives, that has allowed my clients:
•    Consistent positive returns of their portfolio of investment project.
•    Reductions of 10 to 30% in their operating costs, while keeping or improving product performance.
•    New markets development.
•    Design of new product strategies through raw material analysis, polymer market trends and reduction of environmental impact.

•    Packages, part and mold design, polymer processing optimization (particularly in cast and blown film coextrusion), compounds and blends for the polymer industry.
•    Specialist in physical, thermal, mechanical and rheological properties of polyolefins.
•    Multilayer structures for packaging applications.
•    CFD and CAD/CAE technologies applied to polymer processing, structural analysis and part and mold design.
•    Implementation of ISO 9001 applied to R&D organizations.

Especialidades: Polymer processing, material characterization (in particular rheology), CAD design, product design and innovation, R&D project management, environmental impact of plastics
Historia laboral
* Investigación y Desarrollo, C.A. (Indesca) (Research): I am responsible for a portfolio of R&D projects that has achieved a positive return of investment, comprised of cost reductions, increase in resin sales, and debottlenecking of production process. Since 2009 I am responsible for the implementation and maintenance of ISO 9001:2008 (more than 40 lab equipments and hundreds of standards). I am also responsible for a team of up to 19 persons and more than 25,000 hours-person per year of applied research and technical assistance.

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