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Who am I?
I am a young chemical engineer who is currently learning, improving and gaining experience. In a few words: Proactive, inquisitive, passionate and committed to excelence.

What have I done?
In order to be clear and detailed, my work experience and projects performed so far are listed bellow:
*Internship performed at Oxiteno Andina's Wastewater Treatment Plant (W.W.T.P)
with the following responsibilities: learn all aspects about the W.W.T.P operating philosophy and the local environmental regulations, collect samples and run tests to determine the physico-chemical characteristics of water, evaluate tests results and determine process adjustments in order to maintain required effluent quality levels, design and run laboratory-scale experiments to perform biodegradability studies, write results report.
*Scientific article titled: Effect of the availability of nutrients and the addition of coagulants on the sedimentability of activated sludge.
*Thesis work titled: Proposal to improve the settlement capacity of the activated sludge in the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Oxiteno Andina C.A.

What can I do?
Until now I've acquaired wastewater treatment knowledge that I'am looking forward to sharing with you as a consultant. Furthermore, the experience summarized above allows me to perform scientific and academical writing and research as well as bussines Powerpoint presentations. Last but not least, I've developed Python skills in order to code apps as well as design handy tools not just to solve chemical engineering problems but any project you want me to develop!

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