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I have a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from "Simon Bolivar" University (Caracas, Venezuela) and 4+ years working with software development. I have 3+ years working with javascript development, mostly with Node.js runtime environment.

I have worked on several projects from diverse business domains, with a good product vision for projects since I have 3+ years working for the product innovation area of my actual company. I also have a good background with development of conversational user experiences, backend development, use of analytic tools like Mixpanel and Angular.js 2.0 development.

I'm easy going with unfamiliar situations since they usually present an opportunity for learning new skills, I also care about having a good communication with the project stakeholders while applying agile methodologies. I am open and willing to learn whatever is necessary to accomplish the goals successfully.
Historia laboral
Minutrade (Marketing & Advertising)
System Analyst (SEPT 2015 - present):
• Automated some of the company's most common internal tasks, related to business model, analytics and customer care by developing a slack assistant bot called "Jarvis".
• Successfully leaded technical aspects of the company's migration of its main analytics tool "Mixpanel" to "Amplitude", with more than 150M of events and 3M of client profiles.
• Led the company’s opening of a new communication channel for final clients (Messenger), by developing a pilot opt-in flow with a group of clients that where previously interacting with us through SMS.
• Introduced “Actions for Google” as a possible communication channel between the company and the final clients, by the development of its first POC’s.
• Optimized our customer care service by integrating customized and automated alerts from our Mixpanel analytics tool into our slack channel.

Software Developer (Jul 2015 – Aug 2015):
• Implemented alongside other colleagues the Arabic version of the site, allowing a whole new group of job seekers and companies to participate.
• Implemented alongside other colleagues the mobile version of the site, allowing the job seekers and companies to connect through such an important communication channel.
Junior Software Developer (Jul 2013 - Feb 2015):
• Developed the company's first game app for Android, allowing it to participate in a new marketplace.
• Developed several apps from diverse marketplaces such as fantasy leagues and health insurance.

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