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Sobre mí
The Good of man is the active exercise of his souls faculties in conformity with excellence or virtue, or if there be several human excellences or virtues, in conformity with the best and most perfect among them. ~Aristotle

I began my Administrative career twenty-eight years ago. I have developed my skill as a data entry and administrative professional throughout this time. I have worked in many different situations and handled many different types of projects. I have an array of office and clerical skills. I have editing and proofreading skills as well. I do transcription, general and medical. I do Internet research, and compile lists of whatever the client is looking for. I am seeking opportunities to sharpen those skills, learn new ones and put it all to work for you!
I learned the necessity of attention-to-detail in many different venues, but never so much as when I was enlisted and when I was actively nursing. I am fastidious about following instructions to specifications and am a stickler for the small details, for sometimes they count far more than the more obvious things. I am a Registered Nurse, licensed in the state of Alabama since 2005. Included in my eclectic experiences are my tour in the US Navy as a Cryptologic Technician/Operations, and my six years as a paid volunteer fire fighter. All of these experiences combine to create a somewhat unique set of skills.
With excellent interpersonal skills, a knack for humor of all sorts and a love of writing, I am also pursuing some creative writing projects. I have an imagination without end, am known as an "out-of-the-box" thinker and I love to tell a good story.
I write medical blogs, articles, E book chapters and I am beginning to pursue writing medical faction (fiction which includes many facts).
Integrity and honesty are so important to me. I place moral values in the highest regard and continue daily strive to be better than the day before.
I also have call center and customer service experience as well. I never quit learning, because the more software, programs and applications that I am proficient in, the more opportunity will find me.
If you have a project of any length that you think may fit my skill-set, then please, by all means, invite me to interview. We can talk about how I could best serve your need
Historia laboral
Career Objective
My objective is to continue in my career as a freelance Virtual Administrative Assistant. I wish to continue learning every skill possible, so that I can increase the employer’s bottom line, and mine as well.
Personal Profile
I began training for my administrative career at the age of 17, in Business Office Administration, at my high school. After school I attended college for three semesters so that I could enter the United States Navy as a seaman, instead of a seaman recruit. I did my two-year tour in Norfolk, Va and effectively started my administrative career as an administrative assistant to the Commander- in- Chief of the Atlantic Fleet (CINCLANTFLT). I then pursued several freelance, as well as employed administrative and clerical positions. I was a firefighter for 6 years, and also acted as the Fire Department’s clerk/payroll/supply order contributor for much of that time. After the untimely death of my husband, I decided to pursue a life-long dream to become a Registered Nurse. I completed this goal near the top of my class. I currently retain my license, however I prefer to work from home doing administrative projects.
Skills Summary
 Data entry
 Call-center/Customer service
 Virtual Administrative assistance
 Writing
 Order entry and fulfillment
 Proficient in all MS Office Professional programs: including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Works, Access, Infopath, Outlook, Groove
Professional Experience
Primary Functional Expertise
 I’m considered to be a data processing whiz.
 Proficient in many different programs for processing data.
 I type 55 wpm or approximately 10,000 ksph with impeccable accuracy.
 Personal interaction, mainly the power of persuasion, is another of my most frequently used and most important skills. I’m known by my colleagues as one who can deal with even the most difficult personalities. In several of my positions, I was the go-to person when a client, victim, or patient became unmanageable.
 On one occasion, we (the fire department) received a call that a man with Alzheimer’s disease had his gun and was going to “shoot somebody”. The rest of the fire unit waited outside, while I, “the talker” as they called me, went in behind the police officers for protection and was successful in talking him out of his gun and getting him to agree to go to the hospital.
 On many occasions in my nursing career I was assigned the unruly, or unmanageable patients because I had a way of speaking with them that could make them feel respected and put them at ease. The other nurses rarely had problems with those patients after I had them.
 I am a “solution hunter”. If there is a solution to a problem or an answer to a question I will solve it or find it.
 I have extensive web research skills.
 I am an “out-of-the-box” thinker, always trying to look at situations from all angles. You never know from which direction the solution will come.
Secondary Functional Expertise
 I am an expert at time-management. I can fit three days work into one.
 I helped to organize a very large trip for CD Moore and associates. The event was to be held in 6 hours from the time that my services were requested and I had a room reserved, a small
Lorri Cotton
3492 Briscoe Drive  Fultondale, AL 35068  (205) 849-9722  ifearnot1@yahoo.com
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group of hosts in place, catering arranged and meager decorations. I got a large bonus on that project.
 I was a Cryptologic Technician/Operations, in the US Navy. I encrypted and decrypted classified communications, protected said communications, and dispersed them. I can break code.
I was directly responsible for delivering, organizing and collecting all communications for (CINCLANTFLT). I also encrypted and sent communications using cryptographic gear.
 In nursing I learned that attention to detail was crucial. Meticulousness was not only a requirement, it was vitally necessary to the patient’s life, as I was an ICU nurse and people’s live literally depended on my actions. In the course of gaining this crucial skill I also learned to recognize patterns, and to apply data to practical uses in patient care.
Additional Functional Expertise
 Tenacity, diligence, pride in what I create and the drive to deliver the most perfect finished product are important in my career.
 Integrity, honesty and respect for others
 Self-directed, task-oriented, loyal, able to multi-task.
BEVILL STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE – Jasper, Alabama Associate Degree in Nursing, 2005
FULTONDALE HIGH SCHOOL – Fultondale, Alabama General Academic Diploma, 1988

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