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For more than 15 years I have gathered a hands on experience in the design, implementation and management of regional economic, business and entrepreneurship development projects, considering two programs funded by the Inter-American Development Bank in Mexico and a high-level business education in Innovation Management in Denmark. Along this process I have developed skills in the definition and implementation of creative and innovative solutions for business and economic projects working on a teamwork basis. I co-founded the business accelerator Mindhub in Tijuana, and I am currently running the business accelerator OrionStartups in Chihuahua, Mexico. In 2015 the Tijuana Innovadora included me in the Tijuana Hall of Fame. I was part of the "International Visitor Leadership Program" sponsored by the US Department of State to travel along the US visiting and connecting with entrepreneurship programs, universities, VC's funds and research centers. As a hobby I am a facilitator of Startup Weekends in Mexico and an entrepreneurial community manager in Chihuahua and Baja California.

Specialties: Definition and Implementation of Strategies for Innovation.
Historia laboral
* OrionStartups: Seed fund for Startups in LATAM

* Mexico Innovation and Development Center MindHub: Conceptualization, design and implementation of innovative business ideas. New product development implementation and fundraising.

* (Independent Consultant): Innovation Management Consulting for economic development projects, companies and entrepreneurs.
Advising and coaching entrepreneur in lean methodologies such as: problem/solution fit, customer discovery and customer development.

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