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Hi, I’m Colin Ellis. I’m passionate about what I do, and I love to help people. Nothing is more fulfilling than being part of a team with similar interests, and an organization that values its employees.
I'm interested in Start-ups and have a lot of experience with IT and programming for businesses in their startup stage.
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Oct 2013-Present
Chief Architect Readers Legacy Inc
A start-up book publishing company. My Role in this company has developed as the company has
grown from first hire to Director of IT and then moving to Chief Architect as the company has grown.
From a 3 month project of designing and developing the role has
developed into chief architect of, a social e-commerce platform for readers and
authors. I have built the development team from the second hire up to the current team of 10
developers in contract and permanent roles. My role is to lead the development of the project, deciding
on technologies, software structure, development process, and serving platform. I am also directly
involved in liaising with the support team and business owners.

I was sole developer for GoRead from the first storyboard plans, up until the product launch, after
which time I have been instrumental in building the team and product.
Under the umbrella of Readers Legacy I have also been responsible for overseeing the development
hosting of corporate websites and over 50 customer blogs. It was also my responsiblility to oversee the
development of the custom CRM and lead tracking system in use by our publishing company.

Entrepreneur for Panda Mobility
The project is to provide a new concept electric vehicle for the disabled traveller, allowing increased
independence with low running costs. Prototype vehicle has been designed and manufactured and is
awaiting regulatory approval before it can enter the next phase.
2010-2012 Audioboo Ltd
Server Administrator for Audioboo Ltd
A start-up twitter-style audio sharing website. Customers include the BBC, the Guardian, CNBC, Sky
News, and the Wall Street Journal.
Tasks included scalable hosting of Ruby on Rails in the cloud inside Solaris Containers. I maintained a
custom userland software stack to install on multiple zones. Platform served an average of 3 million
hits per month. I also implemented the serving platform for PCI-DSS compliant credit card processing
and created an audiobook store.

Ordering Website and Administration for Online Credit Card Business 'UnlinQ'
This project enables customers to purchase prepay credit cards with a number of digital currencies.
Programming is in PHP with CodeIgniter and connects to various card processors and banking

February 2008 – August 2009
IT Manager for Templar Panama Real Estate in the Republic of Panama.
Duties include managing computer networks, Corporate websites, and consulting on new technologies.
Further duties involved providing and supporting around 20 sales staff with workstations, IP phones
and blackberries, along with extra support presentations and audio-visual equipment. I was typically
on call 7 days a week due to the need for extra support for sales clients.
Commercial experience gained in: Linux Servers, Network infrastructure, PHP programming, Business
VOIP and PBX systems, SEO and Marketing campaigns, emerging markets.
September 2007 – February 2008
Marine Electronic engineer for startup company International Yacht Service at Los Suenos Marina,
Costa Rica.
Services included installation and repair of marine radios, radars, GPS sytems, autopilots, and sensing
equipment, as well as satellite internet-based telephone and computer systems.
Commercial experience gained in marine electronics repair, networking, corporate websites

September 2006 – February 2007
IT Manager for Hermosa Highlands Real Estate in Costa Rica
Duties included installation and maintenance of the IT and telephone infrastructure, managing the
internet marketing campaigns and corporate websites. Duties included maintaining workstations and
telephones for around 30 Sales staff.
I was typically on call and needed to support the sales staff between 7am and 8pm 6 days a week.
Tasks included handling daily marketing leads gained from websites. The customer database was an
in-house SQL database system based on Sugar CRM. Handling and management of the customer and
lead databases was an important part of the daily running of the business.
Commercial experience gained in: Linux and Windows server systems, Network infrastructure, Business
VOIP and PBX systems, SEO and Marketing campaigns, emerging markets.

March 2006 – September 2006
Systems architect and programmer for sportsbook solutions provider SportsPulse
Part of a programming team dedicated to developing and maintaining turnkey sportsbook software for a
number of clients.
Commercial experience gained in PHP, C#, java, Web Services, .NET platform
July 2004 – February 2006
CTO of Metropipe Network Services
The company provided virtual private networks and secure internet systems. Lead programmer for
client software and high volume server systems. Duties were to design and deploy very scalable VPN
and Proxy machines for around 6000 active customers. I was responsible for architecture design and
deployment to around 20 linux server machines. I also directly provided help to customers with
specific network needs or unusual network problems. Since customers were spread around the globe it
was necessary to maintain service 24/7. I worked very closely with datacenter staff to optimise
monitoring and support to eliminate outages through unforeseen network problems. I also worked
directly with support staff to make sure that support issues did not get repeated, either by improved
documentation of the product or by teaching 1st line support to fix simpler issues. A key aspect of the
network design was the routing and firewalling provided by Linux Advanced Routing and Iptables.
The VPN network used OpenVPN along with SSL and SSH tunnels. Support was handled using bug
tracking database system and PHPLiveSupport.
Commercial experience gained in C programming, PHP, Network infrastructure design, Virtualisation
technologies, Cross Platform development, Rapid server deployment techniques
July 2002 – June 2004
Managing director of a small consultancy business startup 'Solution City Ltd'
Most notable was completing a three-month contract providing system administration for a broadband
sports coverage provider Sportev. Contracted responsibilities included commissioning new server
solutions for dns, email, firewalling, and file/print serving for a mixture of windows 98/200/XP, linux,
and MacOS 9/OSX clients. Sportev was purchased shortly after completing the contract by an
international Media Corporation.

September 2001 - May 2002
Self-employed software contractor for an offshore lottery
Tasks included rewriting gaming software and implementing a central database system. The database
system was designed specifically to follow workflow for simple extraction of data by the supporting
staff such that if any errors occurred it was possible to recover easily using an alternate system with flat
tables. Each draw was output directly for mass mailing to approximately 20,000 customers. Work
also extended to System Administration of the office network and servers.
The new system utilised Microsoft Access 2000 and VBA for the front end. The lotto draw software
was rewritten from the existing COBOL into Visual Basic and optimised. The existing databases of
customer details were converted and linked to provide a centralised database structure.
February 2000 - September 2001
Working as Programmer and Systems Administrator for offshore company designing and hosting
secure financial and Internet communications products.
I was part of a team creating a PGP encrypted web-based email system, “Mailvault”, offshore banking
software and e-commerce. Experience gained includes programming for the XMLRPC protocol,
IMAP and MAILDIR protocols, SSL, X509 certificates, and secure Apache server set-up.
System Administration tasks included administering email for several domains using qmail and courier
Imap. The Network infrastructure expanded over three separate sites, which were connected by
WaveLAN radio links and secured by FreeSWAN IPSEC (encrypted TCPIP tunnelling software).
Other administration tasks include managing DNS servers, DHCP, websites, backup systems, and
network traffic and security monitoring. SQL database experience was with Frontbase, using the SQL
92 standard, both in the optimisation and maintenance of the database tables. Part of my task was to
make regular backups of the database and check for data integrity.
August 1999 - January 2000
Programmer and an RF design engineer for nSine Ltd
The company was a start-up designing high speed and low cost powerline communications technology.
As part of the programming team, I was tasked with the Linux port of the PCI device driver. I managed
the technology demonstrator workstations and implemented a bootable Linux CDRom that was
included in the SDK/technology demonstrator kit.
I was tasked with designing passive gaussian filters for HF frequencies as part of the RF team, and
played an active role in the RF design of the front end.
September 1996-August 1999
Student/Graduate Sponsorship scheme with Racal Defence Electronics Ltd
I performed the IEE accredited training and was placed in the electronic Surveillance and Electronic
Warfare (EW) department. I was taken on as an RF engineer after graduation and worked as part of a
RF design team for UK Secret contracts.
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