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I'm a technology enthusiast that have worked with most of the technologies so far, and I'm always looking for something new.
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* Insight Media (Marketing & Advertising): I've started developing an application to manage the lead generation, that operates from the top layer on generation like landing pages or directly receiving data over API, processing information, data enrichment, then output over multiple destinations like email, call center dialer, CRM systems like, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, SugarCRM. Then I've implement an email delivery system on top of PowerMTA, enhancing deliverabity, with big data statistics using Elasticsearch. In the meantime I've set it up a telephony platform on top of Asterisk and currently I'm the responsible for the infrastructure, taking care of servers security, backup, attack prevention, high availabity, load balancing and such.

* Sipcode Brasil: I've started working on a VoIP peering system over opensips, then we escalate to offer several telephony services, like voicemail, IVR, call recording and stuff. I also manage the company servers, ensuring high availability and load distribution.

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