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Electrical Power Engineer with 8 years experience in engineering projects of conceptualization , basic and details to petroleum, gas and energy industries. Designing Cathodic Protection Systems, classified or hazardous areas, Engineering Calculations of conceptualization, grounding systems, battery calculations, UPS, electric conduits.

With professional guidance and training in the ​Materials Management Control in Engineering Procurement and Construction Projects (EPC). Multidisciplinary cataloging materials specialist using SPRD (SmartPlant Reference Data) Module.

• Handled Programs: Auto CAD 2D and 3D view . 2010 , SmartPlant Materials, SPRD Microsoft Word , Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Visual Basic applied , Project Wise, SOLPED module in SAP, SmartPlant Review and Naviswork.
• Classification of Electrical Supplies Catalog .
• Technical and commercial materials and equipment electricity Appraiser .
• Classification of catalogs used in construction materials .
• Management training in areas of Material Control and Classification of Engineering Materials .
• Procurement Management Support in Logistics and Materials Control in EPC projects
Historia laboral
* Empresas Y&V: Management role in the organization that responsible for the development, maintaining and updating the strategies applied to Materials Management Control at the Company and Projects in progress, for it covering all disciplines of engineering, including Subcontract services, Procurement and Construction supplies.

* Empresas Y&V: • Material Control Management in the project and on the use of the Material Control System Material SmartPlant SPMat.
• Preparation of Requisitions for Procurement Plan.
• Preparation of SOLPED in Module SAP 2013
• Support for Materials Management in Construction Control; Classification own work material.
• Delivery Control Spool material and workmanship in the workshop using SmartPlant Material.
•Developing metric calculations list and electric materials in the areas of lighting, earthing and buried pipelines and surface.

* Empresas Y&V: EP1: Preparation of bills of material and metric calculations, update corporate electricity catalog, update of Ground System Ground, calculation and design of cathodic protection system. Location: El Sitio. Miranda State. Venezuela.

•Coordinator of Engineering Materials: Activity management feature: point of link between Engineering, Procurement, Cost Department, Planning and Construction through the logistical and procedural management control materials in the project and upon use of the Material Control System SmartPlant. Preparation of Planning Procurement Requisitions. Support Material Control Management in Construction; Classification of Site materials. Induction training on system SPMat Material Control and Management of Material Control.

•Construction Change Order Control Coordinator:  Monitoring and change order control in Construction, implementation of activities at Site.

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