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João M.

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Sobre mí
I am an English teacher at Wizard School.
I have been working there for over 18 months and have been a very good asset for the school.
I got a scholarship from Brazil through Science Without Borders in 2013. Because of that, I lived in Canada for 18 months.
While living up there, I graduated in Advanced English Level, studied Civil Engineering and Environmental Chemistry, and also worked on a research project on body creams.

I recently graduated from university in Chemical Engineering.
Despite all of my experience and knowledge, I can surely guarantee that I will do a great job working with translation and engineering projects.
Historia laboral
* Wizard by Pearson (Gestão educacional): Despite the certification of English course I obtained in Canada, I currently work as an English tutor.
My Duties:
*Plan lessons for basic, intermediate and advanced levels.
*Plan the annual calendar for events and classes.
* Take part of the events  from Wizard as a leader such as Mother's and Father's Day, Halloween etc.
*Plan social events such as "Ana Lucia Project" on Children's Day.
* Organize and lead the blood donation campaign.
* Training of new tutors.
* Training of the students for international certification tests such as TOIC

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