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Emanoel L.

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I am Emanoel Lopes, Front End Web Developer/Interface programmer and I work with web development since 2013, having worked mainly in digital agencies, e-commerce and projects as a freelancer.

Have knowledge in:

• HTML: structure, tags, semantic, accessibility, HTML5 API;
• CSS: basic and advanced CSS3 properties, responsive design, progressive enhancement, grids, flexbox, etc;
• JavaScript: understanding of language, OO notions, some knowledge on the new features of ES6;
• Version control tools: GIT;
• Web Hosting: Github and Bitbucket;
• Code editors: Atom and Sublime Text 3;
• CSS Pre-processors: Stylus and Sass;
• Task Runners: Gulp.js and Grunt.js;
• HTTP: notions of API Rest;
• MV* Frameworks: Angular.js and notions of Backbone.js;
• Perf Tools: Chrome Dev Tools, Pagespeed, Yslow;
• Agile: basic of Scrum methodology;
• Basic of server side languages, like PHP and Ruby;
• Notions of SEO;
• Confortable to use command line interfaces on UNIX environments (OSX and Linux);
• Ok to work in OSX, Linux or even Windows.


E-mail: emanoel.lopes.web@gmail.com
Skype: emanoel.marcelo.lopes
Github: https://github.com/EmanoelLopes
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