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I am a creative talented person with a strong personality and entrepreneur profile. Always looking to contribute and grow in a team-oriented environment. Well-prepared to work to achieve results that enhance all our lives with great effort.

I am a contagious leader who creates a passionate vision and help others. A savvy sales leader who dramatically change the way he runs his groups. Able to respond to new market environments and to expand my lists of target customers,

A business consultant & commercial advisor, but above all, a DOER !!
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* - (Telecommunications): Taking the time to really get to know your business, inside and out. And from an objective external perspective, I can provide valuable guidance on a mobile/internet/data strategy that is aligned with your business plans and goals.

Highlighting gaps between the current capability of the existing systems and what is required to support the key business objectives going forward.

Identifiyng the steps required to bridge the gaps and the options available.

* Telecom Argentina (Telecommunications) [desde 4/2013]: •Reporting to National Executive Manager. Working as a Business Consultant and Commercial Advisor, I was In charge of managing 1000 commercial accounts. Leading 3 Commercial Managers and 24 Account Executives. U$S 25M annual sales (Industry) // U$S 20M annual sales (High Potential Large Accounts). Sales segment approach: Industry (2009-2010) and High-Potential Large Accounts (2011-2013).
•Performance management: Recruiting, training and retaining high-potential sales teams; tracking key measures of their performance and motivating them with pay and incentives that reward success on companywide, as well as individual, metrics.
•Sales resource deployment: Developing the right coverage model for each customer segment; assigning responsibilities and designing territories to make the best use of scarce resources.
•Optimized tools and procedures: Developing the right cadence for monitoring the results of customer-facing selling efforts in a timely way, and then reinforcing it with effective forecasting, lead generation, back-office technology, support and service.
•Main achievement: Coaching senior executives & Mentoring High-Potential candidates. Developing a brand NEW sales segment where TELECOM Argentina didn’t have a well-known market position. Increasing “niche” profitability by as much as 17 percent over 18 consecutive months.

* Telecom Argentina (Telecommunications) [desde 9/2009]: •Reporting to Regional Manager. Working as a Business Consultant and Commercial Advisor, I was in charge of managing 200 commercial accounts. Managing 10 Account Executives. U$S 10M annual sales. Sales segment approach: Industry, Consultancy, Oil, Food, Utilities, Tourism, Agro, Media, IT & Automotive.
•Scenario planning & Business development, Corporate Agreements. Generation of sales leads & execution.
•Targeted offerings: Identifying and focusing on the highest priority customer segments with products and solutions that are bundled and priced for maximum revenue, retention and renewals. In charge of major IT Projects, Data Center & Mobile Products and Internet Data Solutions.
•Main achievement: Coaching senior executives, I have helped TELECOM Grandes Clientes increase segment profitability by as much as 15 percent over sustained periods (3 years in a row). Results begin to accelerate in the first year, while the full boost kicks in 2008/2009 period.

* Telecom Argentina (Telecommunications) [desde 8/2006]: •Responsible for Corporate Accounts: Organización Techint, Tenaris, Shell CAPSA, Exxon Mobile Business Support Center Argentina SRL, Esso Petrolera Argentina SRL, Grupo Repsol-YPF, Petrobras Argentina S.A., Petrobras Energía S.A., Ford Argentina S.A., Renault Argentina S.A., Volskwagen Argentina S.A., Toyota Argentina S.A., Monsanto Argentina S.A. and  TGN - Transportadora de Gas del Norte S.A. Working as a Business Consultant, I was in charge of major IT Projects, Data Center & Mobile Products and Internet Data Solutions. PDM - Telecom’s Management Development Program 2004 & 2006.
•Main achievement: Oil Companies sales rocketed more than 400 percent in a fourth year work period (Exxon Mobile & Petrobras).

* Vitopel (Plastics) [desde 5/2000]: •Responsible for new investments developments and follow-ups.
•Industrial Process Engineer at Vitopel S.A. – Córdoba – Argentina.
•Main achievement: In charge of the so-called ¨Proyecto Koppol¨. A $ 32 million investment BoPP Project

* Arcor (Telecommunications) [desde 8/1998]: •Training activities developed and carried out by ARCOR Group.
•Experience as an executive trained assistant. General administration knowledge in Company’s core business divisions.
•Main achievement: Worked hardly on a NEW Process Scoreboard for PVC production lines reducing total waste from facilities by 5 percent (scrap).

* Comisión Investigaciones Científicas (Research) [desde 8/1997]: •Four years experience in vibration test for automotive companies – MERCOSUR. Acceptance Guidance. In charge of technical support and customer relationships.
•Main achievement: My main contribution had to do with successful vibration software that really allowed the LAB to take advantage of automotive vibration tests with yearly earnings above $ 200K.

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