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I'm 38, I am a lawyer, my native language is Spanish, and I live in Venezuela.
Currently my country is going through a severe economic crisis, so I discovered that freelance work is a great alternative to do what I like and make money in the process.
I'm single and I do not have children, so I can spend a lot of my time working, when I'm not working, I'm thinking about new personal growth projects.
I speak, read and write Spanish and Italian, at native level, since my parents are Italian. English is a language that I have studied for many years, because it is very useful and practical.
I do not dare to say that I write them perfectly, because I am always studying and learning, but I like to know that I always give the best of myself, to learn every day a little more.
In my legal practice, as in all aspects of my life, I like things to be done well, and that my clients are 100% satisfied
I hope to get good projects, to be able to show my clients, that I am a retailer, responsible and committed to my work.
Historia laboral
I have  worked in legal practice for the last 15 years, working mainly with corporate and commercial law.
The last years, I have included the immigration law among my practices.
I have no formal experience translating articles, but I do have the practice.

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