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I'm Physicist with a M. on Sc. whos in my Bachelor studies I took courses in quantum mechanics, introduction to particle physics and an introduction to quantum fields where I learned bases of quantum electrodynamics that is necessary for understand quantum computer. I learned knowledge of electronic circuits and how to programing PICs and Arduinos, it’s important to said that I know the programing languages of Fortran 95, Assembly (PIC 16F84), Python, Wiring, Latex and Bash. Also I realized a mechanical synthesized to obtain ZnO nanorods between graphene layers and I learned some techniques of characterization as XRD, SEM, TEM, Raman shift, and PL. In my courses of my Master I took an advanced course of quantum mechanics and a course of Rietveld method where I learned how to use the software Bergman and obtain quantitative measurements from a XRD pattern. Another techniques of characterization that I learned were CL and EDS where I understand an anti-stoke phenomenon (up-conversion) and we obtained a films with ZrO2 doped Er3+ and Yb3+ with spray pyrolysis ultrasonic.

By the other hand I consider myself as an active person because I practiced climbing, running and football soccer. Also I have a well logical thinking to understand and develop things. With my skills in basic electronic circuits and programing I always try, as far as possible, to automatize my experiments in order to decrease a failure for human contact.
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I'm working as a scientific research in a project of luminescence. In that project I research, sinstetized and characterisaid films with ZrO2 compounds as a matrix and Er3+ and Yb3+ doped. I had to learned many things about spectroscopy techniques, XRD techniques and electronic microscopes. Although I learned more tools in python in order to make some calculations in my report. Also, I have to program some scripts to automatise the search of information from many websites.

I worked as a professor in high school where I taught physics both theory and laboratories. I have to transcript many things from english to spanish to my pupils in order to make accessible the information fro them.

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