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Jesus F. L.

Software Engineer / Full Stack Developer

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Software Project Manager (PMI & Scrum),  Software Team Leader,  Software Engineer and Full Stack Developer (Web & Mobile), Linux and open source enthusiast,  entrepreneur.

Programming Languages & Tools Skills:
• HTML5 & CCS3.
• JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Json.
• Bootstrap, ExtJs, Sencha Touch, JQuery UI, JQuery Mobile, Fuel UX.
• PHP, MVC, CodeIgniter, Larabel, Smarty, Doctrine ORM, OpenCart,
  WordPress, WooComerce.
• Python, Django.
• Java SE, Java EE , Srping Framework, Hybernate.
• C, C++, Visual C++, Borland Builder.
• NodeJs, AngularJs, PhoneGap, Cordova.
• SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, PL/SQL.
• Git, Gitolite, SVN.
• Asterisk / Elastix VoIP PBX.
• Debian, Ubuntu Linux Servers Administration, (Apache 2, Bind DNS,
  Postfix, Dovecot, FTP, Open SSH, IP-Tables, Shell Scripting, ISP-Config)
  services administration.
• Xen Server, Xen Hypervisor Virtualization.
• Net Beans, Eclipse, Sublime Text.
• Adobe DreamWeaver, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop.

Key Skills:

• Strong knowledge and proven experience in Software Project Management using Agile methodologies (Scrum & XP).  Solid knowledge on PMI/PMBOK Project Management.

• High proficiency leading Software Development Teams from small teams up to 12 members among Engineers, Developers, Graphic Designers, IT/Networking and Help-desk human talent.

• Proven background as Software Engineer & Full Stack Developer.  Ability to work with a wide range of programming languages at all layers including Front-end/UI, Back-end, Database, Networking, OS and Servers Administration. Highly experienced on building Multi - Tier Architecture Enterprise Software for thousands of users.

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, very good for creating synergy between co-workers, end-users, clients, product owners and stakeholders at any project phase. 

• Keen sense for understanding business and market strategies. High level of commitment and ability to work under pressure.
Historia laboral
•  Bithelion Technologies (Information Technology and Services): Small Start Up Company that provides consulting services in Software Development, Web, Mobile, FOSS, CRM, VoIP (Asterisk / Elastix) Call Centers PBX, among others.
        • Company operations management.
        • Customer relationship management.
        • Main projects management.

• 2011 – 2014 Software Projects Chief Coordinator at Rialfi Consulting: Caribbean based corporation that holds many diverse companies from foods, trade, technology and telecoms industry.
        • Project management based on PMI/PMBOK practices.
        • Development team coordination and leadership with Scrum and
        • Spring planning estimation compliance with project objectives 
          and goals.
        • Project time control supervisor.
        • Cost, risk and effort estimation for Product / Spring Backlogs .
        • Code integration work-flow designer and supervisor, using GIT.
        • Establish software engineering guidelines and coding standards.
        • Design and develop software core modules to improve final
        • Enable communication channels between product owners and

• 2009 – 2011 Software Developer at Dana Connect: US, Florida / Venezuela based company. Provides business solutions in the field of marketing and customer service.  Awarded in 2007 by the Ideas Foundation as “Best initiative in Information Technology and Communications”, 2008 “100 Best High Tech Companies” of IT
Manager Magazine, 2010 qualified within the “Top 10 of the 100 most innovative companies in the local and international market”.
        • Transform business ideas into beautiful working code.
        • Deliver beautiful applications at time before deadlines.
        • Design and develop Rich Internet Applications (RIA).
        • UX/Frontend design and development on Sencha-ExtJs JavaScript
        • Develop a Database High Transaction API using advanced PL/SQL
        • WEB MVC / ORM implementation.

•  2004 – 2009 Software Developer / Project Leader at Globalsys / G-Sys: Venezuela based company, provides software solutions and services for Insurance and risk management companies.
      • Development team leader.
      • Enable end users needs with software developers perspective.
      • Design and develop software architecture for high transactions
      • Software development, core web modules development.
      • Entity relationship design and Database development.
      • Requirements engineering & deliverables quality assurance.

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