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Software Engineering Analyst at Accenture

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I am a passionate developer who has been coding for about 6 years and earned my bachelor degree in Information System in december of 2016. I have been mainly programming with Java but I also have worked with PL/SQL, Shell Script and Javascript; and I have worked PHP, Jquery, CSS, Bootstrap, Html, Html5, Joomla, Using Scrum as methodology.

In my career I have been working with people with lots of backgrounds. I believe desire to learn and open-mindedness are the keys for the success in any IT team. My goal is not only to be someone really good at coding, but someone who can making a difference in the world through learning.

"What motivates me wake up in the morning is to know that I will learn something new during the day", by Alisson Raniel.




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* Accenture Brasil : At Accenture I am working on a project of one of Brazil's largest telecommunication companies, leading small teams, creating documentation of requirements analysis and impact analysis, having direct contact with the customer, and also working in the development and support of various systems of Backends and frontends, using the Spring framework in JAVA, C, Oracle database, Shell Script, HTML, Javascript, CSS.

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