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I like to translate because i love to give people the exact same mesage that is supoused to be given. I have the need for perfection when it comes to translation. Naturally i like to do it the fastest as i can.

There is not much to say about me. I like to travel and i have the intention to move to Europe when i get the opportunity to do so.
I have an italian father and a mexican mother, therefore i have two passports (that is why i intend to move to Europe).

I'm looking forward to have the chance to work with you and future projects.
Historia laboral
I used to work for immigration when i was younger. I used to be a translator for my coworkers in different situations and, of course, an explainer for foreign people when they needed help with a certain information.

My last job was as a society supervisor. In this las job i was a mediator in business reunions, sometimes a little translation if needed. Basically i was in charge of the correct functionality of the partnership.
  I didn't had the opportunity to have any interaction with any foreign language as much as i liked to, sadly, yet i had the chance once in a while.

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