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Sobre mí
Work at home dad, married with 2 young Kids.
I do all kind of freelancer work mostly orientated to System Administration, Migrations and Programming.
My field of knowledge is very wide since I'm not rooted to a company that holds me to their needs and I chose to learn new things every time i get the chance.

My past:
I worked as programmer when I was young(16 to 23 years old) and then slowly started doing all kind of different tasks more orientated to System Administration, while still working mainly as programmer.

Then moved away to this remote location(Ciudad de Corrientes, Argentina) and continued to do programming and System Administration for the past 10 years, some freelancer works, mostly on my own company founded 10 years ago. Trilogica.
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2014 ASP.Net Test 72% 93% Aprobado
2014 Computer Skills Test 90% 98% Aprobado

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