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Luciano M. M.

Editor at Movimento Municipalista

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To have contact with marketing professionals from around the world. To learn more about strategic uses of social media for politics.
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Movimento Municipalista (Civic & Social Organization) ////
I work as the editor of this blog that is dedicated to theme "local solutions and sustainability". Most of the posts on it are about life in small and big cities. The cooperators of this blog believe local solutions are a key for sustainability, higher life quality standards and profitability in agriculture.

    Democratas (Civic & Social Organization) ////
I am the journalist in charge of the brazilian democrat party's presence in social media. I produce and manage their social media and personally take care of one of Brazil's most proeminent members of the parliament blog ( (Public Relations and Communications) //// Internet é democracia - 01/02/2011 Internet é democracia - 31/01/2011 As redes sociais influenciam a opinião pública? - 20/01/2011 Redes socias fazem política - 20/01/2011 Imposto para a felicidade - 14/09/2010 A fome por pimenta marrom - 27/10/2009 IMPOSTOS: governo premia maus pagadores, cobra altos impostos e dificulta o trabalho da Receita Federal. -15/12/2010 IMPOSTOS: governo premia maus pagadores, cobra altos impostos e dificulta o trabalho da Receita Federal. -15/12/2010 Políticas Fiscais Rasgando a Constituição/Tax Policies are ripping the Constitution - 22/11/2009 Lula: Popular ou populista?/Lula: Popular or populist? - 22/11/2009 Street Smugglers, the Brazilian Government needs you/Sacoleiros e Camelôs: o governo brasileiro precisa de você - 10/11/2009 Para redatores: opiniões sobre o que é escrever - 25/12/2004

    IEDC - Institute for the Study of Taxpayers' Rights (Civic & Social Organization) // - desde 1/2011//
I planned and implemented the marketing plans and strategic communication actions. I also took care of the corporation's business intelligence and designed its webpages and newsletters, as well as the institute`s BI stats. I also planned and implemented events in the Brazilian National Congress and frequently lectured about taxpayers`rights to relatively big audiences.

    Édison Freitas de Siquiera (Civic & Social Organization) // - desde 2010//
Planned and implemented events in the Brazilian National Congress, lectured about taxpayers`rights, investors` relations, international relations, investigated about the activities of Brazilian Public Companies that have the Brazilian government as partner and stock holder and denounced the wrongdoings of these companies to international overseeing institutions.

    EDISON FREITAS DE SIQUEIRA ADV (Civic & Social Organization) // - desde 2010//
Coordinated the communication strategies of this very big network of law offices. Implemented its INVESTOR RELATIONS actions.

    Congresso Nacional (Civic & Social Organization) // - desde 2/2007//
To design and develop new opportunities on internet for the participation of citizens in the parliament's activity.

    Kimberly Clark (Civic & Social Organization) // - desde 2002//
Teach English to high ranked executives and the translations of documents and industrial manuals, as well as meetings.

    Agência Criativa (Civic & Social Organization) // - desde 2001//

    Yazigi Internexus (Education Management) // - desde 1998//
Teach English and English Teaching for teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

    Springer Carrier (Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing) // - desde 1997//
Teach English to high ranked executives and translations of documents and industrial manuals.

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