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Sobre mí
My name is Maria Antonia Alves.
I have a graduation as English Letters and also Secretary Bilingual Executive.
I am fluent in English, with intermediate Spanish, and elementary French and German.
I´ve already got experience as Business English Teacher in Company and also with Translation.

As I´ve been studying Web Design and I´ve also been doing a site project at Senac, lately.
Historia laboral
Professional Background
1) English Letters, Graduation
Universidade do Sagrado Coração (1994)
Professional Register: LP9616148/DEMEC/SP
Bauru –São Paulo –Brazil
2) Bilingual Secretary Executive, Graduation
Universidade do Sagrado Coração (1990)
Register number: DRT 40.883/SP
Bauru –São Paulo –Brazil

Professional Experience
1) English Teacher - (2012)
CNA Idiomas
Bauru- São Paulo – Brazil

2) Services Operator and Bilingual Telemarketing (2009-2011)
Contax e Net – São Paulo

3) Free Business Books’ Translator
Souza Queiroz Academy –
São Paulo - Brazil (2009-2010)

4) English Teacher In Company – for a British Gas Company (2007-2009)
Business English: (Administrative, Marketing and Financial and English for communication)
Wisdom Idiomas - São Paulo - Brazil

5) Laboratory Photo Assistant (1980-1989)
Cherry Photo – Bauru – SP - Brazil

Skills & Expertise
1) Web Design Course (2013) (Still doing)
Dreamweaver CS6, Flash, Fireworks and HTML5, CSS6 and a Site Project.
Senac -Bauru – São Paulo - Brazil

2) Business Administration and Management Course
Professional Course: Administration, financial mathematics (HP12 calculator), accounting, personnel department, office automation, administration, creativity on Management and Logistics (2013)
EasyComp –Bauru- São Paulo-Brazil

3) Build Your First WebSite Getting Started with HTML & CSS  (2013)
On Line Course at 
San Francisco – California -USA
Instructor: Kevin Yank

4) Web Designer Course (2012)
Professional course: XML and XHTML5 Course; CSS3 Course; Photoshop: tools for creating layouts; Adobe Dreamweaver CS5; PHP forms; Doc. Contratual, wareframe at Axure 6.5 program;  Site Project.(Intermediate Level)
Senai – Bauru – São Paulo - Brazil

5) HTML and XHTML5 Course (2012)
TreinaWeb-Online Course- São Paulo -Brazil

6) Dremweaver CS5, Photoshop CS5 e HTML Basic Courses (2012)
Primecursos OnLine Courses
Blumenal – Santa Catarina State - Brazil

7) Computer Operator Services (2012)
Office 2010: Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point 2010.
Senac - Bauru- São Paulo, Brazil

8) A conference call interview with Erin L. Ilgen, Toyota Manager,  from Washington DC.
Open English Idioms - São Paulo, Brazil (2009)


1. Portuguese: Native
2. English: Fluent
3. Spanish: Intermediate understanding, pre-intermediate writing and speaking
4. French: Extended written knowledge, basic writing and speaking
5. Italian: Intermediate understanding, basic writing and speaking
6. German: Very basic knowledge

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