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I was born in São Paulo, Brazil- Today I´m 31 years. I´ve studied English for 09 years. Also did an
exchange course in Sydney for 01 year, Where I had to work to support myself for this period. (2013-2014). Was a fantastic life and professional experience. After that, I returned to Brazil and now I´m working on Carlson Wagonlit Travel for almost 03 years. Working on Client & Implementation System Team- Giving support for few tools that Company offers to Clients. So I participate every week on Global Calls where we discuss improvements for this tools (I talk to people around the world and everything it´s in English, with this I maintain my understanding according to accents from different regions and the difficulties of expressing myself in another language. Which allows me, to gradually improvee on every new contact. So I´m in constant contact with the English language. Talking, writing and training. At the moment I am an analyst of products. Also needed to talk to my boss every day- that lives in Minneapolis(CWT headquarters)and only speeks English with me.
Historia laboral
Right now, my language it´s English. Because I spend a total of 9 to 10 hours on my work and 85% is writing and speaking English. So every day, I'm improving in all areas, grammar, fluency, interpretation, cohesion, and others. I can currently say that my level is between  advanced to fluent. Sure, being able to work in American Company for almost 3 years has added a lot of knowledge to my improvement of the language in all aspects. So I would like to have the opportunity to make this service to continue improving and have contact with new areas. Which consequently will make me an even more complete employee and I will be able to offer my translation services for any situation.

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