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I'm a Software Developer and Drupal specialist, maintainer for several modules and an active member of the Drupal community.
Drupal Profile:

I have more than ten years of experience in Objectoriented
programming with strong background in
developing informatics systems and Web Applications for different industries, covering: Gaming, Health and
Health Insurance administration, News, Ecommerce
and more.
I have a creative and proactive personality. I’m constantly selftaught
training me on technologies and
matters than passionate me and it goes beyond programming covering game design, music composition
and orchestration.
Historia laboral
Riot Games, Santa Monica CA, United states (Games Industry) Dec. 2011 – June. 2013
Php / Backend Drupal Developer
● Internal drupal profile / distribution / CI architecture design.
● Backend
and Advanced Module development.
● Automated testing.
● Community research, patching and module contribution. (this is a distribution for multiregion
/ language support)

Santex Group, San Diego CA, United states (Outsourcing resource provider)Mar. 2011 – Dec. 2011
Php / Drupal Developer
● Drupal Frontend
and Backend
○ Tasks time estimation and planning.
○ Custom Module Development.
○ Theming, Template Override.
● Technical leader for Drupal 7 projects.
○ Drupal Commerce Implementation.
○ Rules Api Implementation.
Featured Projects:

Sandbook Argentina, Córdoba, Argentina (Marketing And Publicity) Jan. 2009 – Mar. 2011
Web Project Leader and Developer.
● xhtml+css+javascript+php+mysql
○ Custom PHP web development.
● Drupal 6
○ Theming, Template Override.
○ Custom Module Development.
○ Migrate 2 Api implementation.
○ Ubercart implementation.
● Team Coordination (frontend developers mostly).
○ Task estimation and planning.
○ Project Delivery.

MedSoft SA, Córdoba, Argentina (Health Insurance administration) Mar. 2000 – Jan. 2009
Programmer Analyst
● Desktop Software Development, programming and training.
● Objectoriented
programming. SQL.
● Online help design.
● DB & Server administration.
● Terminals configuration.

Original Music, Córdoba, Argentina (Music Production) Feb. 2001 – Present Day
Composer, Producer and Orchestrator
● Cofounder
and Original Music Composer and Orchestrator for several films, Games, Documental
series and TV spots.

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